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Wooden Camera Launches Accessories for Canon EOS C70

Feb 26, 2021

Wooden Camera announces a full range of accessories compatible with the new Canon EOS C70, adding to their long line of modular parts, and further improving customisation to better fit camera operators’ personal requirements.

Operators can expand the C70’s rigging surface with a contoured top plate and improve handheld agility with the mini top handle–both of which feature a multitude of ¼”-20, ⅜”-16, and ARRI standard mounting points for securing additional Wooden Camera or third-party accessories. A compatible monitor hinge increases on-camera monitor visibility with a wide, 180-degree tilting angle; this mount arrives with standard locating pins for SmallHD monitors and includes an additional rubber pad for attaching third party monitors. For lens support and convenient on/off quick-release mounting with tripods, the LW 15mm baseplate provides 15mm rod pass-through brackets and an ARCA Swiss standard dovetail system with safety lock.

Mini Top Handle

Power accessories for the Canon C70 include the Battery Slide Pro with gold mount & V-mount options, extending camera life with auxiliary brick batteries during longer, on-location shoots. Position of the plates can be adjusted with a loosening slide mount, which retains access to the original C70 battery compartment and allows operators to hot-swap power between both BPU and brick batteries. Additional power features include 3x D-Tap ports with a digital fuse that cuts off accessory power when usage exceeds 3.8 amps, while camera power is maintained.

Battery Slide Pro

Bundled accessory kits are offered in Base, Advanced, and Pro versions.

All Canon C70 accessories are now available and will begin shipping February 24, 2021:

  • 282700 Wooden Camera – Mini Top Handle (Canon C70) $95.00
  • 282800 Wooden Camera – Monitor Hinge (Canon C70) $85.00
  • 288200 Wooden Camera – Top Plate (Canon C70) $299.00
  • 288300 Wooden Camera – Canon Accessory Rod Bracket 15mm LW $99.00
  • 288400 Wooden Camera – LW 15mm Baseplate (Canon C70) $499.00
  • 288500 Wooden Camera – Battery Slide Pro V-Mount (Canon C70) $399.00
  • 288600 Wooden Camera – Battery Slide Pro Gold Mount (Canon C70) $399.00
  • 288700 Wooden Camera – Canon C70 Unified Accessory Kit (Base) $993.00
  • 288800 Wooden Camera – Canon C70 Unified Accessory Kit (Advanced) $1,173.00
  • 288900 Wooden Camera – Canon C70 Unified Accessory Kit (Pro, V-Mount) $1,672.00
  • 289000 Wooden Camera – Canon C70 Unified Accessory Kit (Pro, Gold Mount) $1,672.00

For a full range of Canon EOS C70 products, visit:

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