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Winter fundraising appeal from The Film and TV Charity

Nov 24, 2022

The UK’s film, TV, and cinema community is at its very best when it works together.

Every day, teams of dedicated, talented, and imaginative people come together to create, produce, and distribute entertainment that is the envy of world, made by the very best in the business.​

Over the last couple of years, the barriers to that success have never felt greater.

The pandemic and the challenges it presented, skills shortages amplified by a production boom, and now the cost-of-living crisis. All of these have conspired to make life tough for too many brilliant people across the industry.​

Since 1924, The Film and TV Charity has relied on the generosity of the creative community to make a positive impact on the lives and careers of those brilliant people.

The charity’s Winter Fundraising Appeal launches later this month, and it needs your help more than ever. The country is facing a period where many are just getting back on their feet, and where many more are worried about rising costs, inequality, or challenges to their mental health. Your donations help people like David, who came to the charity when he felt he could no longer fulfil his dream of being a writer.

Writer and actor, David Proud, came to the Charity at a time when he felt he could no longer fulfil his dream of being a writer in the industry – following his life-changing work with the Charity he has delivered projects for Netflix and ITV.  

“I’ve been working as an actor for over 15 years now but was always keen to explore my interest in writing and making my own content full-time. I was going through a rough few months financially, so the idea of starting my career from scratch felt impossible. It was tough reaching out for help, but from the moment I did the Charity were so supportive and lovely. It wasn’t just my financial situation that they supported me with. I finally felt like I was being understood by someone and listened to. It’s quite rare as a freelancer to have someone listen to everything you’ve done in your career, and what your dreams and goals are. It almost felt like a session of therapy, I found that part of the support absolutely priceless.  

“Nobody has got to where they are in our industry without some help and support, so I now recommend the Charity to everyone I meet. It’s been so helpful to be able to give people their Film and TV Support Line number. I will try my hardest to pay back for the support that the Charity gave me, not just to the Charity themselves, but to the industry.” 

Discover the all the ways we can support the film, TV and cinema industry here

For details of how you can donate, visit the website.

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