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Watch: SOC Creative Spotlight: American Fiction

Jan 4, 2024

Join The Society of Camera Operators for a virtual conversation with Xavier Thompson and Cristina Dunlap

Following a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival where it took home the People’s Choice Award, American Fiction has opened to strong reviews, praising its stellar cast led by Jeffrey Wright as well as its insightful story, layering biting satire with an intimate family drama. In the Camera Operator Creative Spotlight, we got a chance to meet with A camera and Steadicam operator Xavier Thompson along with cinematographer Cristina Dunlap to discuss what it was like working with first-time director Cord Jefferson and this incredible cast as well as finding the cinematic through line of this story even as it weaves in and out of different genres.

Author Thelonious “Monk” Ellison has spent a career writing high brow novels to limited success. His latest book is stuck in a state of limbo as publishers turn it down, saying they’re looking for something more “Black”. Fueled by spite and a bottle of liquor, Monk bangs out a farcical novel dripping in stereotypes to prove a point to the publishing industry. But when this joke becomes the hottest new novel in the literary world, Monk finds himself in over his head, living a double life to sustain the success of this joke that’s gotten away from him. American Fiction is written and directed by Cord Jefferson and stars Jeffrey Wright, Tracee Ellis-Ross, John Ortiz, Erika Alexander, Leslie Uggams, Adam Brody, Issa Rae, and Sterling K. Brown.


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