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Watch: DedoLight movies that demonstrate different lighting set-ups using DLH400D and Lightstream systems

Sep 28, 2021

The dedolight DLH400D represents tremendous power in a small, portable lighting unit, featuring top optical performance, and is compatible with a wide range of accessories including: the dedolight imager system for gobo, pattern or slide projector, dedo shutters for light control, and the new parallel beam intensifier, which makes this light an ideal part of the dedolight Lightstream system.

This is an HMI light head with a 400/575 Watt metal halide fixture. The light has a basic focus range of 1:20, provided by the dual aspherical optics and a triple zoom focus motion, all operated by one single button.

This DLH400D provides an absolutely clean colour, not quite common for metal halide light sources; and it maintains this quality throughout the lifetime of the lamp.

In the spot position the 400D provides a four-degree exit angle and therefore has a very far reach, and can be placed at a considerable distance, contributing a major step towards the efficiency of the dedolight Lightstream system, the world of reflected light. By adding the parallel beam intensifier DPBA1419 – this is a lens specifically designed to focus the light: all of a sudden we increase the light output by an additional 500% without significant change of the exit angle.

Sounds absolutely unbelievable, however this can be proven anytime. You just need your light / lux meter.

Dedolight offers attachments for each and every one of the dedolight focusing light fixtures, from the 1200W metal halide system through all of our LED systems, all the way down to the tiniest light, the Ledzilla, which works with an 8W LED light source will spit fire once you add the DPBA70 parallel beam intensifier.

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