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WarPro invests in Panasonic 4K end-to-end production for return of live events

Feb 3, 2021

First in the UK to acquire the world’s smallest and lightest 30,500 lumen 3-Chip DLP projector: The Panasonic PT-RQ35K.

WarPro, the Edinburgh-based specialist in audio visual equipment, is the first in the UK to invest in Panasonic’s latest generation 4K PT-RQ35K projectors. The company has acquired four of the world’s smallest and lightest 30,500 lumen, 3-Chip DLP projectors to upgrade its rental stock, as well as Panasonic’s latest PTZ Remote cameras. The purchases are part of a significant investment to enable WarPro to deliver 4K end-to-end production in preparation for the mass return of the events industry in 2021.

Launched last December, the RQ35K sets new standards for immersive location-based entertainment with spectacular 4K image quality alongside ease of set-up and use. Designed to visually thrill visitors at live events and ideal for projection mapping, its unrivalled reliability and quiet mode (46dB) also make it perfect for use at conferences and in auditoriums.

“We were preparing to invest in the next generation of powerful projectors and once we tested the RQ35K, we knew it was the ideal projector for our needs,” explained Alastair Young, director at WarPro. “It delivers next generation brightness and 4K resolution in an incredibly compact chassis that can be lifted by just two people. In terms of transport and set-up, power consumption, performance and reliability it’s on another level.”

The combination of exceptional brightness, 4K resolution with Quad Pixel Drive and an all-new laser engine create immersive images that set a new benchmark in the projector class. Despite its powerful capabilities, the RQ35K Series is 40% smaller than its predecessor. With filterless design and premium optical parts, the projector delivers 20,000-hour[1] of maintenance-free operation and has a host of features to speed and ease set-up. The Series is compatible with Panasonic’s existing line-up of 18 lenses for its 3-Chip DLP projectors.

In addition, WarPro has invested in the world’s first 4K 50/60p PTZ cameras with high bandwidth NDI and SRT. The Panasonic AW-UE100 integrated pan/tilt/zoom camera features a 1/2.5-type 4K MOS sensor to produce stunning UHD 4K 60p/50p video and offers a wide variety of interfaces including 12G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HDMI and IP. It is ideal for high-quality live remote and studio production for broadcast, staging, corporate and sports events.

“This is WarPro’s first investment in Panasonic PTZ Cameras and they offer a great combination of NDI and SRT for remote monitoring and control; and the cameras offer a step up to 4K including up to 12g,” explained Young. “These cameras offer the same high quality performance we have come to expect from Panasonic and there is also an abundance of connectivity allowing ultimate flexibility in a variety of installation settings.”

Dean Williamson, partner account manager, at Panasonic Visual System Solutions added: “WarPro is a recognised industry leader in this sector and long-time user of Panasonic projectors. Its decision to invest in this next generation of 4K production equipment in preparation for the industry bounceback should give everyone confidence.”

[1] Around this time, light output will have decreased by approximately 50%. IEC62087: 2008 Broadcast Contents, NORMAL Mode, Dynamic Contrast [ON], temperature 35 °C (95 °F), elevation 700 m (2,297 ft) with 0.15 mg/m3 of airborne particulate matter. Estimated time until brightness decreases to 50% will vary depending on environment and usage conditions. Parts other than the light source may require replacement before 20,000 hours, and check-up is recommended around this time.

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