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VMI sponsors Cinematography award at Portsmouth University

Aug 4, 2022

One of our favourite sayings is that ‘Everyone got to where they are today, from where they were yesterday’ – even Steven Spielberg was a student at one time!

VMI has supported the University of Portsmouth for some years, since Ben Thompson, the Principal Lecturer of the Film School, actually used to work at VMI – admittedly it WAS a long time ago but the connection remains today!

Winner: Best Cinematography Award

We sponsored the Best Cinematography award which this year was awarded to Robert Grooms for his work on the short film Frequency.

I have noticed that many short films seem to share a dystopian view of the world and Frequency does not disappoint. It is a story of a lonely wasteland survivor that finds solace in an abandoned radio station, but bonds with an unlikely stranger over the discovery of music.

In addition to winning this prestigious award, Robert also won a voucher for equipment hire worth £1,000 from VMI to help to make his next short film and a 4-week internship for late 2022. Well done Rob!

Robert Grooms and crew, on set shooting ‘Frequency’

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