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Velvet wins Lighting Technical Award at CineGear Los Angeles

Jul 28, 2022

At the last Cine Gear 2022 in Los Angeles, Spanish company Velvet, which designs and manufactures its equipment in Barcelona received the Technical Award in the category of Lighting Technology, in recognition of the innovation of its new Velvet Cyc series.

Cine Gear’s team of expert judges representing multiple industry disciplines reviewed each product from more than 350 brands at the “Cine Gear Expo 2022” in Los Angeles in June 2022. After several weeks of in-depth deliberation, they announced the winners and Velvet Cyc took the prize in the Lighting Technology division. 

Velvet Cyc are asymmetric cyclorama and wash RGBW fixtures specifically designed to wash backgrounds evenly and create not only any homogeneous color but also horizontal gradient effects thanks to their multiple light engines. Velvet Cyc allows individual control of each horizontal bar.

Key features of Velvet Cyc are:

– Individual R+G+B+W light engines for unique horizontal effects.
– Adjustable vertical beam angle
– Powerful output and high saturation for broadcast and film
– Smooth theatrical dimming
– Wireless connectivity
– Silent fanless operation 

Individual light engines for dynamic horizontal effects
Velvet Cyc allows individual control of each horizontal bar to create colour gradients due to multiple light engines.

Variation of the beam angle
Unlike conventional panoramic luminaires, the articulated structure of Velvet Cyc luminaires allows the vertical beam angle to be easily and mechanically changed by simply bending the luminaire in or out to adjust the beam to the user’s needs. A single row of luminaires can reach heights of up to 7 meters, which, combined with the multiple light sources, allows absolute control over the selected effect.


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