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The Mark Milsome Foundation Film & TV Online Safety Passport Course is now live!

Dec 16, 2021

The Mark Milsome Film and TV Safety Passport programme has been 2 years in development, it took into account an industry-wide survey and covers all areas that the Mark Milsome Foundation believes failed Mark Milsome in Ghana in 2017. The course takes 90 minutes and costs £20 plus vat and the Foundation asks that people consider taking it and spreading the word amongst friends and colleagues.

Chapters include Speaking Up, The Law, Working hours, Health and Safety Abroad, Mental Health, Bullying and Discrimination. It delivers a modern refresher for those with decades of experience and a focused learning tool for those stepping foot on set for the first time. 

The course was researched, written and delivered by our chairman Kirk Jones with the support of the National Film and Television school and Media Safety. The aim of the course is to update and educate, to empower and protect crew and production and those who pass will receive a Skillset Production Safety Passport valid for 5 years. (All profits have been gifted to the Foundation and to Mark’s wife, daughter and parents).

 Some early comments from those who have seen the whole programme:

At last, in my 25 years of working in Health and Safety with the Film and TV industry there is finally a platform where everyone can access the same Health and Safety Knowledge – 5 Stars” – Jake Edmonds H&S Expert

“The most engaging safety training I have ever seen, empowering the viewer to speak up, this will improve safety standards and save lives!”  Sunny Bains – NFTS

 “Totally and utterly game changing.” Jen Compton – Chalk – Media Safety Ltd

 “An essential step towards a safer environment for those working in our industry.” James Clarke – Media Safety Ltd

 “This unique training package should be written into the DNA of every film and television course in the UK – Whether you are an experienced professional or a student about to step foot on a set for the first time, it will inform you, empower you, and make everyone safer.” Professor Christopher Morris – former head of Newport and Falmouth Film and Television Schools




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