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The Iconic Matthews C-Stand

Sep 6, 2023

The Iconic Matthews C-Stand that started it all is better than ever. Still manufactured steps from the big Hollywood studios, the game-changing Folding Leg version turns 50 this year! The single most-used grip gear on sets worldwide, Matthews now has a full C-Stand line to suit every need, in 20″, 40″ and even the 5″ Pocket C-Stand.

The Iconic, Sliding Leg, All Mighty C-Stand – ready to support lights, cameras, and action!

Small but Mighty – 5″ Pocket C-Stand ready for tabletop work and much more!


Discover the pro tool that helps shooters work more efficiently with Gatorboard and other bounce and fill cards. Ready to support up to 50 lbs, the rugged steel base glides low to the floor on 4 smooth rolling, instant lock off caster wheels. Threaded inserts offer varied locations to screw in aluminum baby risers which help position a Junior Wall Plate for C+Riser or a V-Flat holder. The multiple tapped 3/8″-16 receivers make it easy to add baby pins, clamps, grip heads, etc…to make Gatorbuddy a versatile set workhorse.

  • Mounts V-flats and a light
  • Acts as a spare workstation
  • Moves flats in and out of set
  • Glides low to the floor

Mini Boom Rolling Kit

Inspired by renowned photo artist Jeremy Saffer, who says “The Matthews Runway Base with a 40″ C+Riser and Mini Boom Arm is a game changer.” Mini Boom Rolling Kit is a booming lighting setup package that adds speed and ease to repositioning the key light throughout a shoot, allowing the photographer to maintain flow and momentum. With a 10lbs Boa Bag for counter weight, this kit meets a variety of set needs.


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