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The 2021 BSC Summer Lunch proved an uplifting occasion

Oct 20, 2021

By Ron Prince 

I was delighted to attend the 2021 BSC Summer Lunch with my colleagues Alan Lowne and Claire Saunders. It was truly wonderful to be with so many friends and familiar faces after what seems like a lifetime of lockdown.

Firstly, I would like to thank both RED and Movietech for hosting us on their respective tables, allowing us to enjoy their company and that of their other guests.

What started off as quite a dreary drive to the luncheon, turned into a sunny and uplifting occasion at the new location of The Beaumont Estate, near Windsor. The favourable weather allowed everyone to enjoy the outdoor space, before we sat down for the president’s address and an excellent lunch.

New BSC members including Baz Irvine ISC BSC, Mattias Nyberg BSC, Dave Alex Riddett BSC and David Raedeker BSC were welcomed and presented with their certificates.

Those we have lost over the last 18 months were fondly remembered. Indeed, Harvey Harrison BSC gave a touching toast to our good friend, the late Tony Spratling BSC, and saluted his wife Diana Spratling, together with Diana Thomson and Anna Lee, who were also in attendance, as he remembered their husbands Alex Thomson BSC and John Lee.

During the luncheon, we were pleased to hear so many positive comments regarding Cinematography World. Additionally it was very encouraging to hear about the on-going buzz in the industry from cinematographers, operators, gaffers, DITs and BSC Patrons alike.

Here is a selection of photographs from the day which were taken by our dear friend Richard Blanshard.

This terrific get-together left us with a warm and wonderful feeling about future gatherings, including the BSC Expo, Euro Cine Expo and other global events.

Happy shooting everyone!



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