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issue 5

Cinematography World… a great magazine for all who care about cinematography

Richard Blanshard

DP & Filmmaker

Congratulations on the one-year anniversary of CW, Well done!
Sally Christgau

Ignite Strategic Communications

We wish you the best of luck with your new magazine. I love the design and content, congratulations!
Carlos R Diazmuñoz AMC

President, Mexican Society Of Cinematographers

The first edition of Cinematography World is looking great. Congratulations!
Madalina Grigorie

PR & Communications Manager, The Foundry

BRAVO! I just discovered Cinematography World… and am thrilled!
Bob Hoffman

issue 3
Congratulations and good luck for Cinematography World!
Taina Galis


The magazine is great, a really good read!
Lee Hickman

Managing director/owner, Wizzo & Co

Thank you so much for your great and outstanding support of our industry
Gerhard Baier

Business Development Director, P+S Technik

I’m grateful to be featured in Cinematography World. It’s always a pleasure to have such an in-depth conversation about filmmaking and cinematography

DP Łukasz Żal PSC

(Zone Of Interest, Cold War, Ida)

I absolutely love what Cinematography World is doing
Anna Schmidt

chief-of-staff, Dynamic Rentals

You have created a magazine that is wonderful

John de Borman BSC AFC

Congratulations on the new magazine!
Denis Lenoir AFC ASC


My copy has landed here in Queensland. Very impressive publication. Wonderful information and riveting stories – all relevant to where we are today.
Ron Johanson OAM ACS

National President, Australian Cinematographers Society

Thank you for the first copy of your journal. During these difficult times for us all, I am amazed that such a beautiful publication – with all its fascinating reading – can be achieved.
Sir Sydney Samuelson CBE

Great to see you’re up and running!
Patrick Hussey

Blackmagic Design

I love what are doing with Cinematography World magazine, it looks wonderful. Nice work!

Seth Emmons

Director of Communications, Leitz

Congratulations a great first edition of Cinematography World. I have just subscribed and am looking forward to the upcoming editions.
Mike Staniforth


Congrats on a great mag… excellent work!
Dion Beebe ACS ASC


Obviously a great deal of hard work and above all heart went into Cinematography World. Long may it continue. I’m truly looking forward to your 100th edition.
Barry Measure

Sales and Marketing Executive, Procam Take 2 Ltd.

CW isue 06
Congratulations on putting together such a beautiful new magazine
Seth Emmons

Director of Communications, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar

Wowsers….that’s VERY high class. Congratulations.
Alan Piper

Managing Director, RED Digital Cinema

CW issue 4
Your new magazine is exceptional. Far superior… more inclusive. I hope everyone will realise you’ve created a powerful resource.
Roy H. Wagner ASC


I have only one word ”bravo”. High class printing, good editorial and interesting interviews, and in such a short time… by people of experience

Louis Philippe Capelle SBC


I just received Issue 001, Jan 2021. It is really superb, and I am glad to see IMAGO as an official media partner.
Nina Kellgen BSC

Co-chair Diversity & Inclusion Committee, IMAGO

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