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Straight 8 announces 2021 premiere livestream

Nov 2, 2021

On Sunday November 7th, Straight 8 is live-streaming a 45-minute showcase of the best 8 brand new 3-minute films made for STRAIGHT 8 2021 and viewers can watch live.

Each of the 8 films is made one a single cartridge of super 8 with no editing, grade or VFX allowed. the jury (including Asif Kapadia, Robbie Ryan – see jury) selected them from 150 entries. The films were processed at cinelab film & digital (No Time To Die, Last Night In Soho) and the first time the successful filmmakers will see their own work is live during the stream.

it’s an inspiring event for aspiring filmmakers, and what’s more: the 2022 competition will open at the same time. Straight 8 is looking for as many people as possible to take part. 

The show will reveal the 8 best films together with behind the scenes footage, filmmaker reactions to being selected (live recorded on zoom) and commentary on the films on video from the jury and other pre-eminent film industry people. 

Please join this exciting event on Sunday November 7th at 8pm UK time only at 

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