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Steadicam now available in new cost-effective M-2 core kit

Mar 2, 2022

The most integrated and adaptable Steadicam system ever made is now available in a more affordable option with the introduction of the new M-2 Core Kits. Specially configured and priced to provide operators with an entry point into the Steadicam M-Series ecosystem, the M-2 Core Kits utilise the same lightweight components and modular design that has made the M-2 an industry standard. All M-Series components and accessories including the Steadicam Volt are designed to be fully compatible, so as an operator’s needs change, their M-2 system can adapt with them.

The two Core M-2 kits share the same standard components, except the M2-VLKIT is compatible with V-Lock and the M2-ABKIT is made for Gold Mount batteries. Both sled versions include the M-2 Flat Top Stage with Dovetail Plate, M-2 Gimbal, 1.58” 2-section Post, Monitor Bracket, and Battery Base. The kits also feature the G-50X Iso-Elastic Arm with Steadicam’s exclusive Lift & Ride control as well as the Zephyr Vest with Large Socket Block and the Padded Docking Bracket.

In addition, M-2 Core Kits are easily upgraded with the revolutionary Steadicam Volt active horizon assist technology. This lightweight motor drive measures and assists in holding virtually any tilt or roll angle to maintain a perfectly level horizon — leaving operators free to focus on movement and framing composition. This and other accessories may be added at any time for a future-proof Steadicam system.

M-2 Core Kits are now shipping. List price for the M2-VLKIT or M2-ABKIT is $25,500. The Model M2-V Volt Upgrade list price is $6250. For more information about genuine Steadicam products visit or


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