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Sony ILME FR7 Operator Certified Course with Manuel Balseiro

Aug 24, 2023

Date and time: Thu 21st Sep 2023, 10:00 – 17:00 GMT

What you will learn

Join CVP at the Belgium showroom for an in depth look at the new tool from Sony that is changing the audiovisual production. The ILME FR7, the first robotic 4K HDR PTZ camera with full frame, +15 stop dynamic range, high frame rate, interchangeable lenses, internal camcorder, IP production, PoE++.

This training will cover the basic FR7 PTZ operation skills and tricks: how to connect the camera with your laptop, tablet or smartphone with many advantages and without hard computer skills, and we will see the dual workflows that the FR7 have. One for broadcast production and another for the digital cinema productions, and the best of both together. As well as the two types of operational process, the control panel with their joystick as we usually do with the BRC family, and the innovative Web App with all the features for digital cinematographers and expert operators.

The session will cover:

  • An introduction to FR7
  • FR7 connections and mounting
  • FR7 operations + Advanced Ip500 panel
  • FR7 operations + Web App
  • Workflows, menus and colorimetry
  • Camcorder recording
  • Streaming
  • Basic operation exercises
  • Online exam to certify your knowledge!

This course is aimed at camera operators – with or without joystick experience – that want to take their first steps with this camera and be able to start working with it and get certified as an operator to improve their CVs. The training is open to vision mixers, CCUs, DITs, DoPs and camera techs too.

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About the speaker

Manuel Balseiro is a Spanish camera operator specialised in remote and robotic cameras. He has been an Independent Certified Expert in PTZ cameras from SONY since 2020. He has more than six years experience as a camera supervisor/OB TD at Mediarena (Mediapro Group) and since 2009 works as a remote camera operator at TVE. He had the opportunity to work in national and international productions, highlighting his work in the OBS for the coverage of the last three Olympic Games. He has a wide experience as a technical writer featuring in a large variety of industry publications including two books about the camera craft and remote heads. Manuel combines his daily operations with seminars and lectures for the Instituto RTVE. He is a member of the GTC, The Guild of Television Camera Professionals and the DCS, Digital Cine

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