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Sony FR7 cameras powering ITN Gray’s Inn Road studio

Apr 4, 2024

ITN has recently elevated its newest studio in central London with the introduction of cinematic images. The new ITV News studio, located in Gray’s Inn Road, now boasts the seamless integration of Sony ILME-FR7 Cinema Line full-frame PTZ interchangeable lens cameras, setting a new standard for automated operation in broadcasting.

Since August, ITN has relied exclusively on four Sony ILME-FR7 cameras following a comprehensive refurbishment initiative. These state-of-the-art cameras have empowered ITN newsrooms to capture unparalleled footage, delivering top-tier daily news programming to prominent UK broadcasters such as ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Notably, the studio serves as the esteemed backdrop for ITV’s flagship programs, including Talking Politics and Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ).

The FR7 cameras, equipped with a highly sensitive full-frame image sensor, are connected with Skahooj’s control system and produce breathtaking 4K HDR images with an exceptional dynamic range of over 15 stops, enhanced by Sony’s acclaimed S-Cinetone™ colour science. Unlike conventional PTZ cameras, the FR7 offers the flexibility of interchangeable lenses, enabling broadcasters and content creators to tailor the visual aesthetics of their productions to perfection.

Jon Roberts, director of technology, production, and innovation at ITN, states, “The FR7 is unparalleled in its class when it comes to delivering full frame images with a cinematic look and feel.”

Roberts emphasised the seamless integration of FR7 footage with other Sony Cinema Line cameras utilised by ITN, ensuring a consistent visual narrative across all content. “The FR7’s cinematic output seamlessly complements footage captured by our journalists in the field, enabling us to maintain a cohesive visual identity across all our productions,” he added.

Rob Turner, head of camera crews, ITV News, lauded the studio’s achievement, stating, “This studio strikes the perfect balance between operational efficiency and exceptional image quality, making it an ideal setting for programs reliant on the expertise of commentators such as Talking Politics or PMQ.”

ITN’s adoption of Sony FR7 cameras marks a significant milestone in the evolution of broadcasting technology, reaffirming the commitment to delivering unparalleled visual experiences to audiences worldwide.

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