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Society of Camera Operators announces Lifetime Achievement Award and Technical Achievement Award recipients

Dec 19, 2022

The Society of Camera Operators (SOC) is pleased to announce the recipients of the upcoming Society of Camera Operators Lifetime Achievement Awards and the Technical Achievement Awards. Recipients will be presented and honored in-person for the first time since the Covid19 pandemic during the annual SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards dinner and celebration on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

The Lifetime Achievement Awards are given in recognition of outstanding achievement by an established person within the field of film and video production. The honourees of the Lifetime Achievement Awards were nominated in five critically acclaimed categories including: Camera Operator Film and Television, Camera Operator Live and Non Script, Camera Technician, Mobile Platform Camera Operator, and Still Photographer. The 2022 recipients are:

Camera Operator Film and Television – Don Devine SOC
Camera Operator Live and Non Script – Charlie Huntley
Camera Technician – Tommy Klines
Mobile Platform Camera Operator – Darryl Humber
Still Photographer – Bruce McBroom

The SOC has also announced the recipients for the SOC Technical Achievement Awards are the renowned ARRI Inc. and Hudson Spider. ARRI Inc is recognised for its ARRI ALEXA 35mm Cinema Camera, the smallest fully featured ARRI production cinema camera ever. Hudson Spider is honoured for its Hudson Spider Slider, a compounding slider that is 2ft in length and provides the travel of a 4ft slider.

“Artistically and creatively, it has been an incredible year for film and television – just look at the amazing series, shows, and movies these operators brought to life,” shared George Billinger, SOC president. “On behalf of the SOC I want to congratulate all the nominees and recipients for their incredible efforts and thank them for sharing their talent with all of us, your craft is truly astonishing.”

Both the Lifetime Achievement and SOC Technical Achievement Awards will be presented at the SOC Lifetime Achievement Awards dinner and celebration on Saturday, February 25, 2023. The Lifetime Achievement President and Governors Awards recipients will be announced soon.

Billinger adds, “We are so excited to be able to celebrate these talented recipients and our community in-person again. Over the last few years, this community has shown us their resilience, their determination to triumph, and they’ve shown us that coming together as a community is important and irreplaceable.”

Awards details and past recipients can be found on the Awards site: For further information about the SOC’s Annual Society of Camera Operators Awards Celebration visit

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