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Second Reef now exclusive distributor of Blackwing7 Lenses in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

Apr 13, 2021

Second Reef GmbH is now the exclusive distributor of the well-received Tribe7 Blackwing7 lenses in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Based in Germany, Second Reef is a forward-thinking company focused on innovative products and services. Second Reef has been working with Tribe7 on the roll out of the lenses since very early in the project, and the recent agreement will help streamline delivery times while continuing to provide outstanding service. The timing coincides with the release of the newest focal length, the 20.7 mm. 

Purpose-designed for large format motion picture imaging, Blackwing7 lenses represent an entirely new range of tuned optics for contemporary film makers to use within their creative story telling. 

Blackwing7 lens tuning allows parameters such as sharpness, contrast, roll-off, spherical aberration, field curvature, edge halation and flare to be modified to provide sets of “curated” optics to suit the personality and intent of the owner. 

The lens range comprises a core set of 7 focal lengths (27mm, 37mm, 47mm, 57mm, 77mm, 107mm, 137mm) plus the newly added 20.7 mm – with three tuning options per focal length, configurable at point of manufacture. 

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