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Second lab certifies Cartoni UV-C Boxer’s ability to neutralise Covid in just three minutes

Apr 21, 2021

Renowned European research university becomes second to certify that the UV-C Boxer disinfects production gear from Covid-19 in just 3 minutes

The independent study makes the Cartoni UV-C Boxer the first device specially designed for the film industry to be certified to sanitise against microorganisms & Covid-19.

 The University of Siena, the highly rated Phase IV testing facility in the country, has certified that Cartoni’s UV-C Boxer neutralises microorganisms, including Covid-19, in just three minutes. The test results make the UV-C Boxer disinfection cabinet the first device specially designed for the film industry and television proven to disinfect.

 The tests were performed by Doctor Gabriele Messina PhD, the University of Siena’s head of medical biotechnologies bioengineering lab, marked among the most rigorous to date. The university tested the UV-C Boxer’s effectiveness in the following areas:

  • The efficacy of disinfection in relation to the distance from the UV-C Boxer’s ten medical-grade UV-C lamps
  • The efficacy of disinfection in 30 and 60-second increments
  • Finally, the university also tested the effectiveness of disinfection on irregularly shaped production equipment, such as digital cinema cameras.

Each test was repeated several times to ensure that the Boxer performed consistently. In each of the tests, it was found that the UV-C Boxer neutralized 99.99% of microorganisms. It was also found that thanks to the superior design of the Boxer, which features ten medical grade UV lamps, and a polished aluminium interior, that the Boxer is effective at neutralizing microorganisms, including Covid, regardless of the shape of the gear. 

In tests with a digital cinema camera, it was found that the Boxer had a 99.99% disinfection rate – including 99.99995% disinfection rate of the handle which was closest to the UV lamps, and a 99.998% efficacy rate on the eyepiece.  The test results make the UV-C Boxer the first device lab-tested and certified to neutralise Covid.

The UV-C Boxer allows productions and rental houses to evenly sanitise multiple objects at a time, which may unknowingly contaminate film and video sets.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a certified solution to disinfect props, gear, and devices as the world and our industry look to get back to work – safely,” says Elisabetta Cartoni, the CEO of Cartoni Professional Camera Supports.

She adds, “Although designed for the production community, we can see how the Boxer could have other applications in other industries.”

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