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Rosco announces DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit

Feb 26, 2021

Rosco has announced DMG DASH, the first fully accessorised, broad colour spectrum LED fixture with award-winning MIX Technology in a portable, versatile handheld form factor.

Because it uses the same six-chip design, DMG DASH produces the same colour-quality and True Rosco Color gel matches as other MIX lights. Each DMG DASH Kit ships with a set of beam-shaping accessories, including a flat diffuser panel, dome diffuser, eggcrate, and a gel holder for adding any Rosco gel or diffusion material desired.

DMG DASH is wirelessly controlled from your mobile device. Users can download the free myMIX app to select a colour temperature, choose a colour, or set a light level. Available for iOS and Android.

The battery-operated DMG DASH can produce up to 500 lumens of output – all from a fixture that fits in the palm of your hand. The Quad Kit includes four fixtures and four sets of accessories. The kit also includes a DMG DASH LINK that can connect all four lights together into one unit. Weatherproof and durable, DMG DASH is constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy to provide a shock-resistant and weatherproof housing.

DMG DASH features:

  • Superior colour mixing: creates over 130 True Rosco Color gel matches and light output with high, 95+ CRI and 90+ TLCI values
  • Full range of accessories: each kit ships with magnetised beam shaping accessories including flat diffuser, dome diffuser, eggcrate, and a gel holder for adding Rosco gels & diffusions
  • Control options: easy-to-use onboard controls and the myMIX mobile app
  • Powerful output from a compact, durable & weatherproof housing
  • DMG DASH pocket LED kit = $279 USD – €239 EURO
  • Quad kit (Contains 4 Pocket Kits) = $1,250 USD – €1,099 EURO
  • DOT accessory for DMG DASH also available
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