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Rosco and ShotDeck announce partnership for Color Integration

Jul 11, 2023

Rosco, a global leader in colour and lighting solutions, and ShotDeck, the world’s largest database of cinematic images, are proud to announce a new licensing agreement that will enable the integration of Rosco gel colour references into the ShotDeck library.

This partnership brings the legendary Rosco colour language to the cutting-edge ShotDeck platform. The addition of the Rosco color feature adds a new layer of search specificity for users of the site, which holds over 645,000 shots from films, television series, and music videos.

Rosco, renowned for its colour filter products used in film and live entertainment, has a long-standing commitment to delivering solutions that enhance visual experiences. ShotDeck has revolutionised the way filmmakers find and reference visual inspiration by curating an extensive library of film images from a diverse range of genres. By joining forces, Rosco and ShotDeck bring a new level of inspiration to creators of visual content. Now, in addition to studying the compositions, sets, lighting, and camera angles from shots of iconic films, users will be able to identify specific Rosco colour references found within shots.

“We are thrilled to partner with ShotDeck to offer filmmakers a unique blend of technology and colourful inspiration,” said Mark Engel, CEO of Rosco. “By adding Rosco’s colour references to ShotDeck’s extensive visual reference platform, we are offering filmmakers another way to elevate their storytelling capabilities and unlock their full creative potential.”

Lawrence Sher ASC, founder of ShotDeck, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Rosco has long been synonymous with color and lighting in the film industry. By seamlessly integrating these iconic colours like R02 Bastard AmberTM and R29 Skelton Exotic Sangria into ShotDeck’s vast library of film images, we are providing filmmakers with another resource and layer of information that will fuel their creativity and enhance their storytelling.”

The partnership between Rosco and ShotDeck will launch in parallel with the ShotDeck Recreations Contest, which takes place throughout the month of July and allows filmmakers the opportunity to win over $60K in prizes. A new category within the contest sponsored by Rosco will focus on colour within imagery.

For more information about Rosco and ShotDeck, please visit their respective websites at and


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