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ROE Visual selected for AUX Immersive Studio in Singapore

Jul 1, 2021

AUX Media Group builds XR stage in Singapore with ROE Visual LED

AUX Immersive Studio, Singapore’s first extended reality studio, was launched at the end of last year. Featuring advanced XR facilities, AUX Immersive Studio aims to support a creative way of expression. The studio was built with technical support from ROE Visual.

As a creative content development company in events management and media, AUX Media Group is dedicated to creating superb brand experiences for its customers through meaningful and immersive engagement. The company spares no effort to handle every stage of the process with meticulous care.

The XR solutions provided in their studio have changed the traditional way of delivering projects. Using extended reality sets instead of green screens in their productions, more realistic environments are achieved, elevating the visual experience and resulting in impressive effects.

ROE Visual was the preferred choice in setting up AUX Immersive Studio. The LED floor, measuring 6 x 6 meters, is composed of Black Marble BM4, the LED wall, measuring 12 x 3.5 meters, consists of Diamond DM2.6 LED panels. The Diamond LED panels use Brompton LED processing and were calibrated using Brompton’s’ Hydra system for dynamic calibration and full HDR. With their studio fitted with this state-of-the-art LED technology, AUX is ready to take a further step in the XR arena. 

AUX Media Group is looking forward to providing its clients with better storytelling experiences for their virtual productions. “With Singapore’s first XR studio up-and-running, we want to create opportunities that allow creatives to tell their stories in a way never done before,” commented AUX Media Group CEO, Choong Chyi Kei, “ROE Visual was our preferred choice of LED product, their customer support being second-to-none, and we are delighted with the results. The ROE Visual LED panels provide a consistent and excellent visual performance during all the tests.”

“We’re proud of our partnership with Aux Media Group and of being involved in the build of the first XR studio in Singapore. Having the Diamond 2.6 and BM4 LED panels installed there, the Aux Immersive Studio provides an ideal space for filmmaking and ready to produce some awesome projects,” comments Glory Goa, deputy sales director of ROE Visual.


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