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Roe Visual partners with AVI-SPL, Pixotope and Illusion XR Studio for XR Roadshow

Jul 20, 2023

Roe Visual has announced an upcoming XR Roadshow, scheduled to take place in Dubai on July 26th and 27th. This exciting event is a collaborative effort among industry-leading companies, including Pixotope, AVI-SPL, Illusion XR Studio, and Roe Visual, all of whom are dedicated to advancing virtual production in the Middle Eastern region. Together, we are bringing this innovative learning initiative on XR to Dubai, offering valuable insights and experiences for all participants. Mark your calendars now to be a part of this exceptional event, as we come together to explore the endless possibilities that XR technology has to offer.

The event welcomes content creators, TV/film production professionals, broadcasters, esports enthusiasts, corporate communicators, and anyone excited by the possibilities of ICVFX (In-Camera VFX), XR and Virtual Production as a whole. Whether you’re an industry expert, content creator, or simply passionate about technology.

During the XR Roadshow, content creators get an insight into the tools and knowledge required to deliver XR productions efficiently and flexibly. Through comprehensive sessions, the essence of Extended Reality (XR) will be explored, its diverse use cases, and its advantages over traditional production methods. 

Join us as we delve into the future of live XR, AR, and Mixed Reality production, unveiling virtual production’s cost-effective and time-saving benefits that add significant value to your live media production and enterprise broadcast.

Join the XR Roadshow in Dubai, hosted at AVI-SPL office. Meet the professional teams from Pixotope, Illusion XR Studios, and Roe Visual as they present cutting-edge solutions and share their unparalleled expertise. Save the Date now and secure your place at this exclusive event!

AVI-SPL is the most trusted provider of AV, UC, and video collaboration solutions in the Middle East and North Africa. They provide a full-service integrated system design for permanent installation, and have handled numerous projects in some of the most iconic buildings and well-known venues in the EMEA region. Developers of the leading software platform for end-to-end realtime virtual production, Pixotope empowers content creators with with its award-winning, accessible solutions that enable immersive storytelling for everyone. Pioneering in LED, Roe Visual will showcase Black Pearl BP2V2 LED running on Helios LED processing. BP2V2 LED panel has already captivated widespread interest on Integrate Middle East 2023, and earned widespread recognition in many famous overseas studio complexes, including the world’s largest LED volume constructed by Nant Studios. Illusion XR studio is at the forefront of creating cutting-edge AR, VR, AI, motion capture, and 3D visualisation services in the Middle East. 

The XR Roadshow is held on July 26th and 27th at AVI-SPL (Dubai Investment Park, Phase 2 Plot 597, Dubai, United Arab Emirates).

PRE-REGISTER HERE: XR Roadshow 2023 Dubai | ROE Visual

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