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RED announces limited edition V-Raptor Rhino 8K S35

Nov 23, 2022

The Super35mm format is still ideal for many markets over Large Format. While traditional motion picture productions may prefer the aesthetic of the “Large Format Look,” for many applications Large Format may not be as practical.

WIldIife filmmakers are Often hundreds of feet from their subjects and in remote or barely accessible locations. This requires a compact kit and ability to shoot in Super35mm format, allowing for wide range zoom lenses, like the Canon 50-1000mm, with the size and weight to remain flexible for any scenario or environment. The V-Raptor Rhino 8K S35 unlocks all of this, along with capturing archival-quality 8K resolution inside of the compact and powerful V-Raptor camera body, so filmmakers can capture breathtaking images anywhere on the

Live event broadcasting continues its trend of blending cinematic imagery into its final delivery. Whether these productions are looking to highlight shallower depth of field, slow motion playback, or higher resolution, the V-Raptor 8K S35 provides all of the power of RED’s cinematic image quality in a format that supports the wide range of lenses required for live event coverage. Live 8K workflows using RED Connect unleashes the power of 8K in these environments, allowing for different framing to be pulled from a single camera position and
controlled downstream for a more immersive production.

Lenses are as critical of a decision for a cinematographer as the camera itself. When the lenses that are needed to tell the story do not cover large format, filmmakers have the choice of either using V-Raptor 8K V at 6K Super35mm, or now V-Raptor 8K S35 for when the full 8K resolution is needed. By capturing the full 35 megapixels of 8K compared to the 20 megapixels of 6K, filmmakers maintain the full flexibility of 8K image capture while in the Super35mm format

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