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Ratpac Controls launches the Slingshot 200 single-channel dimmer

Apr 25, 2024

  • Ratpac Controls has launched a new product, the Slingshot 200, that provides DMX-controlled dimming as well as hot and switchable power for incandescent and LED lights. 
  • This silent operation single-channel dimmer has a maximum rated electrical load capacity of 200 watts and features Wireless DMX control. It incorporates passive cooling for quiet operation and an internal battery for easy setup and programming. 
  • The Slingshot 200 is available for rent now; purchase will start on May 15. It comes with a two-year warranty and free technical support.

Ratpac Controls, a leading manufacturer of power and data distribution equipment for lighting in the Motion Picture, Television, and Broadcast Media industries, has announced the launch of its latest product, the Slingshot 200.

The Slingshot 200 is a compact single-channel dimmer that supports DMX, sACN, Art-Net, and Wireless DMX and has a maximum rated electrical load capacity of 200 watts. It is ideal for on-set practical fixtures as it features passive cooling for silent operation. The incorporated TimoTwo chip enables CRMX in both RX or TX modes, and CRMX2 can be used with other CRMX2-capable devices.

The Slingshot 200 has WiFi node/gateway capability using sACN or Art-Net from your control software. This feature is useful for receiving DMX control and sending out a CRMX2 wireless signal to other units on set. It also has the option to input or output via the hardline 5-pin DMX connector. Plus, it comes with two side-mounted Edison dimmer output connectors that make placement easy.

The Slingshot 200 has an internal battery that is useful for setup and programming. Dimming is achieved with a hardline AC Edison attached via the convenient flat swivel Edison connector to powerCON TRUE1 input. Slingshot 200 can be easily rigged using the two handy 1/4-20 screw mounts on its body. The programming process is very fast using its built-in on-screen menu system with a selection wheel/push button or via the web GUI on its WiFi connection.

For on-set applications, the screen display provides a Fixture/Universe/Address label for easy identification. The Slingshot 200 offers adjustable dimmer curves for Incandescent/LED/Switchable/Hot Power for your control and practical needs.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of Slingshot 200,” said Nick Stabile, EVP/CRO. “This innovative dimmer is perfect for practical fixtures on set, providing flicker-free dimming down to 2%. With Slingshot 200, rigging has never been easier, allowing for seamless execution of last-minute changes. The sleek and elegant design is visually pleasing, and it fits comfortably in your palm. We’re confident that Slingshot 200 will exceed our clients’ expectations and revolutionise the industry.”

Slingshot 200 is now available for rent via Ratpac Controls rentals:, and it will be available for sale starting May 15. Place pre-orders by emailing

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