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Racquet Studios & Panalux join forces to offer virtual production services in new partnership

Jul 8, 2024

Developing opportunities for film & TV production, technical innovation for the Motion Picture, TV and broadcast industries
Following the recent launch of the new, purpose-built Panalux London headquarters and coinciding with the group’s 70th anniversary in the Motion Picture industry, Panalux breaks new ground revealing a new virtual production department in partnership with the pioneering creative and technical team from Racquet Studios.

The new specialist department has been developed to support existing production companies through technical innovation, integrating with traditional filmmaking practices to produce world-class creative content that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

From now, the experienced digital creative and technical team from Racquet Studios will be available to support any type and size of production, offering flexible, dynamic solutions, whether serving the West London production corridor within Panalux’ Island Studios complex, on location, or within any viable third-party facilities across the UK, Europe, and beyond.

Real flexibility is the key to unlocking the power of VP and the objective of the new alliance is to offer virtual film production services as they are required and as they are useful within the traditional production process. This approach offers bespoke solutions for productions to benefit schedules and budgets, whether full-blown sci-fi stages, car rigs, advertising, TV stages, or pick-ups.

Why virtual production?

As one of the most exciting developments in the film and TV arenas in recent years, virtual production techniques fuse camera-tracking technology with state-of-the-art video game engine-developed creatives, powerful graphics servers, high-resolution LED panels and green screens to create versatile 360-degree, photorealistic environments for cinematic content creation, immersive red carpet experiences and more. It enables filmmakers to visualise digital elements, live-action footage and virtual set extensions together in real-time like never before.

The blend of these technologies, now available from within the brand new department, creates the perfect environment for film and high-end TV production with leading-edge technical ecosystems, whilst allowing advertisers, games developers, and live event producers access to the very latest virtual production technologies and talent. Clients can be assured of a complete, end-to-end service, with every project being meticulously designed and fully tested ahead of installation, with each production being developed for optimum performance with trusted logistics and management to ensure the perfect installation and experience.

Michele Channer, managing director, at Panalux, said: “We’re excited to be joining forces with Racquet Studios in this exciting new technical department. We are keen to push boundaries in the burgeoning world of virtual production and to bolster the market-leading services that our customers have come to expect from all areas of the Panavision group. Who better to embark on this journey with than the genre-defining team at Racquet Studios? ”

Sustainability, Time & Budget Benefits

The appetite for virtual productions has seen rapid growth with advanced technologies allowing productions to capture scenes and environments within studio spaces instead of travelling to remote locations or the need to build expensive physical sets. The in-house team and facilities are skilled in producing ‘out of this world’ environments that are impossible to create within traditional film set environments. This is complemented by a market-leading ‘digital twin’ offering, which sees the replication of physical environments and objects through high-end photogrammetry and lidar processes. Perfect for pick-ups and syncing production across multiple locations, these processes have been developed to deliver a major benefit for the environment and for budgets as well as enable film & events production to continue to produce stunning content regardless of travel or environmental restrictions.

With the ability to boost the yield of content from a range of productions, this new venture promises to deliver great economy in terms of time and budget, whilst promoting environmentally sustainable productions that are future-proofed in service to the new partnership’s carbon-neutral objectives.

Simon Skinner, managing director, Racquet Studios, Said: “Having spent years establishing best practice in VP workflows, product and software development, Racquet Studios emerged from an established creative agency. This new and exciting partnership with the Panavision Group represents an opportunity for Racquet Studios to expand beyond its Sussex base and to be on hand for all of Panavision, Panalux and Island Studios’ clients to ensure an excellent experience with exceptional results with emerging technologies and creative processes.”

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