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Quacker Clamp from Matthews Studio Equipment

Sep 29, 2023

The Quacker Clamp – also known as Duck Bill, Platypus, Onkie Bonk…created to hold bead board, fill card, foam core, or anything that gives you soft bounce light (the best light!). With two plates that open up to hold your board in place, Quacker Clamp is built with the Original Vise-Grip, giving you the ability to adjust tension on the grip via hex socket. And of course, it comes standard with the Matthews 5/8″ baby pin with knurled undercut, providing a strong surface for the T-Handle to bite securely, and a safety hole for your cotter pin.

Set up is easy:

  • Line bounce card up to the edge of the plate to clamp down
  • Release lever on vise-grip to adjust plates
  • Easily mount to grip heads with righty tighty placement

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