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Product Spotlight: Panavision WiFiber

Oct 26, 2023

Increase the range of wireless devices with a fiber-optic link between set and video village.

Panavision WiFiber increases the range of wireless devices such as video transmitters and iris controls by adding a hard-line fiber-optic link between the set and video village. Designed to overcome the challenges of locations where wireless transmissions would otherwise be blocked or interrupted due to distance, Panavision WiFiber provides connections for video, iris and camera control, production sound, crew communications, and Ethernet for networking.

Combining wireless flexibility with the range and reliability of a hard-line fiber-optic connection, Panavision WiFiber overcomes line-of-sight limitations and extends bidirectional wireless communications between set and video village.

The Panavision WiFiber system includes two enclosures, one for the camera area and one for the DIT/video-village area. The two enclosures are connected by a fiber-optic cable that exceeds 2000 feet.

Key features include:
Up to 10 4K 12G or HDSDI I/O connections (standard configuration: eight HDSDI channels)
Two Ethernet channels
Bidirectional audio control
Preston MDR3/4 iris control for up to four cameras
12V hot-swappable Anton Bauer Gold Mount (not available on rack-mount enclosure)
12V 4-pin XLR DC input

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