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PixiPixel becomes carbon neutral

Jul 20, 2022

Pixipixel, the London based rental house, and an Albert-approved sustainable supplier, has received carbon neutral certification as part of its sustainability commitment, making it one of the first UK rental facilities offering camera, lighting and generators to achieve this milestone.

Pixipixel’s carbon neutral certification comes after independent assessment and verification of its greenhouse gas emissions for the last financial year, conducted in accordance with the standards set by the Department For Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Department For Business, Environment & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). 

Most of company’s emissions – approximately 107 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) – arise as a result of vehicle fuel consumption. Pixipixel is expected to considerably reduce this figure by up to 90% in 2022 following its switch from diesel to HVO fuel in autumn 2021. 

The company transitioned to renewable energy in all facilities in 2019, which prevents approximately 30+ tCO2e from entering the atmosphere annually. The company recently upgraded all Flobanks in its lighting inventory to Bi-colour LED fixtures as part of its sustainability plan and commitment to phase out all fluorescent tubes from its rental stock.

Pixipixel is also committed to reducing waste, with none of its waste going to landfill; staff have been trained in the basics of the climate crisis and workshops have been held to listen to employees on their ideas on emission reduction actions with the assistance of Creative Zero.

“We have made great progress to run our business more sustainably and intend to go further with our carbon reduction plans to aid not only our business in being more efficient but contribute to our clients’ efforts to reduce carbon footprint on their productions,” said Steve Knight, managing director of Pixipixel.

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