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Pixipixel adds to its Mechanix range

Oct 21, 2022

Rental house Pixipixel has added new camera grip accessories to its Mechanix range, including a rotating camera mount and underslung camera bracket.

Designed in-house by Tom Strong, camera grip manager at Pixipixel, the Mechanix rotating camera mount and underslung camera bracket are versatile mounting devices allowing you to rig your camera in multiple ways.

The Mechanix rotating camera mount (TS-RCM) has frictionless bearings and mounts via two 3/8” BSW bolts to a variety of accessories, such as the Underslung Camera Bracket or Ronford-Baker QRP. It has a lock off handle to firmly hold everything in place. It can mount to a single or two scaff tubes, as well as MOY.

The Mechanix underslung camera bracket (TS-UCB) allows you to mount a camera underneath the TS-RCM. It can be adjusted to a variety of angles, including straight down for a top shot. It has multiple mounting points so you can locate the centre of gravity for your rig.

All Mechanix accessories are only available at Pixipixel.

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