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PFX Group takes over VFX department of Cine Chromatix in Germany

Jun 14, 2024

As of June 1, 2024, the PFX Group, a visual effects and post-production company with headquarters in Prague (Czech Republic), has taken over the VFX department of Berlin-based Cine Chromatix, a full-service provider for image and sound post-production.

The VFX department of Cine Chromatix with its more than 20 permanent staff created the visual effects for numerous international film and series projects: Last year saw Markus Frank, the supervisor responsible for the VFX work on Edward Berger’s All Quiet On The Western Front, receive an Oscar and a BAFTA nomination as well as being awarded the European Film Award and German Film Award. The School of Magical Animals by Gregor Schnitzler also received a Lola for best visual effects. The sequel The School of Magical Animals 2 by Sven Unterwaldt was nominated for the German Film Award in the same category. The VFX department is responsible for numerous other internationally award-winning projects. Customers include Disney+ with the award-winning miniseries Sam – Ein Sachse and Paramount+ with One Trillion Dollars as well as various projects for German broadcasters ZDF, ARD or RTL and the YouTube platform. The line-up also includes the feature films Lassie or Muenter and Kandinsky – The Blue Ride.
As a result, PFX will be taking over the running of Cine Chromatix’s VFX operations in Germany. The headquarters of the VFX studios will stay located in Goethestraße in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Markus Frank will remain head of VFX and lead VFX supervisor, along with greater managerial responsibilities as a member of the new management. Thomas Knop will continue to work as executive producer after the takeover and also lead the integration process of all four studios (Prague, Bratislava, Warsaw, Berlin) in the management of the PFX Group.
The acquisition of the VFX department is only the first step towards an extensive partnership between the PFX Group and Cine Chromatix with the founders and managing directors Ufuk Genc and Janosch Benz.
“With the takeover, we are successfully complementing the investment story of PFX and becoming one of the top addresses for visual effects in Europe. We are delighted to be able to welcome the VFX team of Cine Chromatix, together with Markus Frank and Thomas Knop, on board. Their professional expertise and competence will increase our international competitiveness and be an opportunity to strengthen new, sustainable customer relationships,” says Jiří Mika, CEO of the PFX Group.
“We are looking forward to the unique opportunities that the new constellation will bring for the VFX department of Cine Chromatix, which has expanded significantly in recent years. By merging with PFX, we are receiving a major boost in know-how and the necessary access to investment in our infrastructure, software and hardware, but also in talent,” adds Markus Frank, head of VFX.
Janosch Benz, managing director of Cine Chromatix, adds: “In the long term, only strong international alliances that have sufficient staff, constantly invest in technology and have a global presence are able to survive in the VFX sector. As a company, we will now be concentrating on post-production, but continue to work with our valued and well-known colleagues in the VFX sector who have now joined PFX. So, for our customers, nothing will change in terms of quality, professionalism, competence and contact persons.”
Founded in Prague in 2012, PFX has grown organically with studios in Prague, Bratislava and Warsaw and was joined last year by the private equity group Genesis Capital. Today, PFX is one of the most prominent and trusted post-production studios in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region. The customer portfolio extends across the world and includes such renowned names as HBO, Disney, Netflix, AppleTV and other major Hollywood players. With the acquisition of the VFX division of Cine Chromatix, the company is strengthening its presence in Central Europe with a total of over 250 highly qualified specialists.
PFX’s visual effects professionals have contributed their expertise to such projects as Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, the Czech hits Medieval and Zatopek and the internationally acclaimed TV series Stranger Things. PFX was recently awarded the prestigious VES Award in Los Angeles for its work on the second season of Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty. In addition, the post-production studios work on local and international blockbusters as well as independent films.
PFX’s animation department is currently producing three animated films with confirmed international distribution. Among them is the hybrid animated feature Diplodocus, co-produced by PFX, which will be premiering as one of the long-anticipated international titles of the Annecy International Animation Festival in June. The advertising team serves clients from all over the world, including well-known brands such as Jeep, Chrysler, T-Mobile or Intel.
Cine Chromatix has its headquarters in Berlin, with additional studios and offices in Leipzig, Cologne, Stuttgart and Merano, Italy.

Header Image: from left to right: Jiri Mika, CEO PFX Group, Tomas Srovnal, producer / partner PFX group, Janosch Benz and Ufuk Genç CEOs Cine Chromatix, Thomas Knop, executive producer, Lukas Keclik, producer / partner PFX group, Markus Frank, head of VFX and lead VFX supervisor. Photo: PFX


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