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New ROE Visual RUBY LED panels presented at Hibino Open House

Jun 25, 2021

Hibino’s dedicated VFX studio kicked of successfully during the Open House days from 2-4 June. The VFX studio, built in partnership with ROE Visual, creates an excellent opportunity to work with virtual production techniques for Japan-based filmmakers and producers.

Attracting numerous producers and directors working for broadcast stations, streaming services, and films to participate in the open house days proved to be an excellent platform to showcase the studio’s capabilities. The growing interest in virtual production technology is a unique chance to open up more opportunities for the company. Hibino is ready to receive customers from July 1 onwards in the new studio.

Hibino intends to maximize the potential of in-camera VFX in Japan by setting up more completely equipped studios in several locations in Japan. The company believes that this is a good incentive for other companies to familiarize themselves with in-camera VFX technology, offering an actual shooting experience in the studio. 

While Junichi Imokawa, director & managing executive officer of Hibino Visual Group, earlier commented on the excellent quality of the new Ruby RB1.5F LED panel, selected for the studio in Tokyo, his words are underpinned by the very positive reactions of the visitors. “Ruby RB1.5F with its new Flip Chip LED technology is changing the game. We can’t wait to distribute this stunning LED screen to studios across Japan.”

“It’s gratifying and exciting to see the success of Hibino’s open house,” states Grace Kuo, sales director of ROE Visual. “The companies have grown together and are both at the forefront of new developments”.

“Over the past decade, we have built an excellent relationship with ROE Visual, and we have come to rely heavily on them for our display supply needs. Sharing the demands from our market and our ideas always have resulted in great products, whether customized or standard. ROE Visual manages to manufacture flawless products and accompanies this with a service that always goes the extra mile. We continue to drive each other’s development, and with ROE Visual, we hope to set the bar in the industry for many years to come.”



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