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New products and app from Godox

Apr 2, 2024

Godox has introduced the newest members of light panel family: the Hard Series P600R Hard/P1200R Hard and the Pixel Series P300R/P600R.

Particularly noteworthy is the P1200R Hard, standing out as a true powerhouse with an impressive 1200W output packed into the compact 2×1 panel, leading its category.

The P300R/P600R features high pixel density soft RGBWW panel lights, seamlessly integrating virtual production to simulate authentic lighting effects and offers multiple color gamut options while maintaining high color consistency across all units.

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Elevate your Llghting control with the all-new Godox Knowled app. Effortlessly manage all DMX lights, ensuring stable connections with any brand, right from your tablet! Ideal for gaffers, DPs, or cinematographers seeking reliable lighting control.

 Light Mapping Made Easy: Directly match lighting with scenes, simplifying complex setups. Opens up accessible and realistic visual creation without extra tools, managing production costs effectively.

 Visualise Your Lighting: With the Intuitive Lighting Layout, position fixtures on a grid, reflecting the actual on-set lighting arrangement.

 Free Universe Access: Get started with 1 universe for free!

 Wired or Wireless? The choice is yours. Select the connection style that best fits your workflow.

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