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Jagoteq unveils new concept in professional lighting

Oct 6, 2023

Jagoteq has announced a new concept in professional lighting, with its system utilising patent-pending technology to combine the precision of lasers with the versatility and flexibility of fibre optic cable. The result is a lighting tool that functions as both a professional illumination source and as a practical design element. Current uses include film, broadcast, and live production as well as effects, wet locations, neon and LED strip replacement, and wearables.

The new technology includes a compact and efficient laser module that features 3 individual laser engines in R, G, and B which unite to form a specified colour. With the new system, users can achieve colour saturation 3X times greater and 25% brighter than with LED ribbon.

Igniting the laser module illuminates Jagoteq’s 360° Side Emitting Fibre Optic (SEFO) cable. It is available in a choice of 1mm, 6mm, 8mm, or 12mm diameter, in standard lengths up to 32 feet. When more distance is desired, additional laser modules may be combined to extend the range up to 100-feet with minimal visible light loss.  

Fully modular, this lighting alternative conforms to user needs, and is intuitively controlled via DMX or local knobs and buttons on the Laser Module box. It features standard Kelvin presets as well as user customised settings. The laser module offers an infinite array of dial-in colour options. Gaffer friendly, it operates off of standard AC mains, and integrates into traditional hardware and workflows. Brightness is 0-255 or 0%-100% and output is completely flicker-free.

The proprietary SEFO cable is flexible so it’s easy to install and safer to use because there is absolutely no heat or electrical transmission. Ideal for wet locations, it is fully submersible for use in pools, salt water or other liquids. Unlike LED ribbon, fibre optic cable can be reused indefinitely and when no longer needed can be 100% recycled. 

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