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New Lightbridge C-Move Core

Apr 19, 2024

Lightbridge has created a new Cine Reflect Lighting System kit, dedicated to enabling artistic lighting with consideration of today’s productivity practicalities. Selected with input from top DoPs and lighting designers, new C-Move Core features 100% authentic CRLS components, hand-crafted in Vienna Austria.

Standard on respected film sets, CRLS offers uncanny ability to produce targeted, spill-free, diffused light capable of subtle nuances. Only Precision Reflectors feature superior quality, proprietary coated surfaces that reflect 97% of light hitting them, with 100% color rendering. Providing optimum control, the CRLS emulates a key light, capable of aiming diffused light with meticulous accuracy. C-Move Core kit offers various light shaping configurations: DIFF 1 Hard circular light ray, DIFF 2 Medium circular light ray, and Diff 3 Soft circular light ray.

With a mandate for speed and weight efficiency, C-Move Core is an uncompromised collection of the most requested Precision Reflectors and accessories to ease handling and creative options on set. Everything fits in the waterproof ultra-organised padded Movebag with shoulder strap, which safely stores the collection in smartly positioned compartments, along with extra space for grip gear and ample space to grow. Inside are the most asked-for Precision Reflectors in neoprene sleeves: 15x15cm (DIFF 1-3), 25x25cm (DIFF 1-3), 50x50cm (DIFF 1-3), 2 each C-Wheel Receivers and cables, 2 each Rigging and Safety Wedges, a black C-Pouch, and extra cleaning aids.

Known for extreme durability, only Precision Reflectors are bend-resistant, and surfaces are hard polished smooth, free of imperfections. More information can be found at:

For more about Lightbridge C-Move Core, tutorials, and community visit



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