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New immersive film set to inspire next generation of talent in post-production

Feb 8, 2022

A new ScreenSkills immersive film, premiering today, is designed to inspire the next generation of talent in post-production by putting the spotlight on all the work that has to be done once the cameras stop rolling.

First Day: In Post is a virtual reality experience that aims to introduce viewers to a working post-production studio and break down how the people that work there help bring a film to life.

Made with National Lottery funds awarded by the BFI as part of the Future Film Skills strategy, the new film highlights an array of roles available for those thinking of a career in the screen industries with the longer-term aim of helping address skills shortages in these areas.

This includes roles that shape the final film or programme, from sound and visual effects to adding music and creating subtitles. It shows how skills and talents as varied as budgeting, file management, recruitment, digital and systems knowledge and music are needed.

First Day: In Post is the follow-up to the 12-minute 2020 video, First Day: On Set, that used the same cutting-edge technology to take viewers behind the scenes in film production and was awarded the Production Guild of Great Britain Innovation Award for a Production Team.

Gareth Ellis-Unwin, ScreenSkills’ head of Film and Animation, said: “There are skills shortages across a number of post-production roles, often I think because the information about the range of roles available needs reinforcing. This film allows people to get a first-hand taste of that post-production environment, learn about some of the opportunities available and have the door opened to a possible career.”

He added: “The technology has allowed us to make this entire experience available to anyone from wherever they are and gives them a real insight into how what we see on screen gets created. Democracy of access was very important to the entire team.”

Emma Edwards, from Indydink Pictures who produced the new film, said: “This is designed to be accessible to all learning styles; both youngsters and adults who have the qualities and skills which our industry thrives upon, only they may not have realised it yet! I wanted this film to be their light bulb moment and ignite their journeys to discover our industry and all it has to offer.”

Each scene has graphics overlaid to convey the names and locations of the departments and key people involved in the shoot. They also provide the user with a means of navigating their way through the experience. When prompted, the user can choose which department they wish to visit.


The film is designed to be experienced on Oculus Rift/Go VR headsets but is also accessible online with navigable 360 degree control. This allows viewers to enjoy it from the comfort of their own home.


To watch the film online, visit the ScreenSkills website. To watch it as a free VR experience, visit the Oculus website.

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