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New Forza 150B bi-colour LED spotlight from Nanlite

Jun 29, 2022

A new generation of bi-colour LED Spotlight emerges echoing the shooting trends within the creative industries — The new Forza 150B offers greater CCT flexibility with a small footprint.

Finally, a bright and mobile LED spotlight with CCT flexibility joins the Nanlite Forza range with the introduction of Forza 150B. The light packs tons of features inside, ranging from flexible CCT adjustments, compact form factor to optimal fan control. It is a versatile tool for lighting on-the-move, but also offers substantial output with uniform light for use in Live streaming, interviews, and lighting on-the-move or in small spaces.

Weighing over 1.56KG with an outputting of 23,130Lux at 1M (with reflector, 5600K) and covering a CCT range of 2700K-6500K, Forza 150B strikes a perfect balance among dimension, illuminance and CCT. Whether it’s for indie filmmakers to use as key or for film crews to use as fill, Forza 150B will respond to all demands on set that calls for adjustable CCT and cinematic lighting. Forza 150B achieves genuine progress in terms of colour quality. Colour accuracy has been perfected through rigorous testing of rendition, fidelity, and saturation. With a CRI score of average 96 and TLCI score of average 98. TM-30 strikes at Rf Average 93/Rg Average 102. The classic all-in-one design has been maintained in Forza 150B.

The fixtures body is constructed of durable metal and carbon-fibre making it both lightweight and sturdy. A simple two knob and one button user interface offer intuitive operation. The Forza 150B offers sustained minimalism with more CCT options integrated.

Equipped with a mature system, Forza 150B allows for more freedom in wireless lighting control. Along with on-board operation, it also features Bluetooth and 2.4G allowing for connection to the Nanlink App for more controllability, for greater control there is also DMX/RDM compatibility via an additional 3.5mm wired connection cable.

In addition to power options via the standard AC adapter, the optional hand-held V-mount battery grip can
also provide stable power supply. The ergonomic design meets the demands of fast-moving reshoots lighting
and improves the efficiency on set as a result. The intelligent fan control system is always excellent and silent, lighting setup and audio collection won’t interfere with each other in scenarios such as close-range filmmaking, interviews, small scene dialogues, live streaming, etc.

Forza 150B has 12 built-in practical effects with adjustable parameters for each one freely adjustable through
on-board or Nanlink App control, such as intensity, CCT and speed, etc. More CCT options as well as
more pragmatic effects variations are also available on Forza 150B. The FM Mount ecosystem continues to grow steadily with Forza 150B and other modifiers joining in too. Forza 150B also connects with the popular Bowens Mount modifiers by the included adapter to unleash more possibilities for light shaping as well as creative visions.

Nanlite managing director Nancy says, “Every Nanlite product has been developed with professionals
in mind, Forza 150B is no exception. The ultimate goal is always to make life easier for them with every new
product joining our expanding lineups.”

Forza 150B Key Features:

• Flexible CCT adjustment with a range of 2700K-6500K
• Weighing just 1.56KG, and outputting 23,130Lux at 1M (with reflector, 5600K) • CRI average 96, TLCI average 98, TM-30 Rg Average 102/Rf Average 93
• The all-in-one design enables easier setup and better stability
• Provides on-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, Nanlink App and DMX/RDM control • 14.8V-26V battery compatible, with the optional V-mount battery grip for the on-the-move lighting solution
• Intelligent fan control eliminating interference between lighting setup and audio collection
• 12 built-in practical effects with parameters for each one freely adjustable
• FM mount & Bowens mount compatible, endless light shaping possibilities

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