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New ARRI camera control monitor CCM-1 provides full camera control for Alexa 35 and Alexa Mini LF

May 25, 2023

  • Rugged yet sleek 7” onboard monitor combines the expertise of ARRI and development partner SmallHD
  • Bright display with colour-accurate ARRI image quality
  • Full ARRI camera and menu control gives operators freedom and new configuration options
  • Can replace or work alongside the MVF-2 viewfinder
  • Customisable touchscreen and physical controls

ARRI announces an exciting new control option for its latest cameras: The CCM-1 is a 7” onboard monitor that provides full camera control and menu access for the Alexa 35 and Alexa Mini LF. Opening up new camera configuration possibilities, the CCM-1 combines ARRI colour accuracy and a bright display with customisable controls and rugged build quality.

In response to requests from camera operators who prefer to judge framing and exposure with an onboard monitor rather than a viewfinder, ARRI offers its new camera control monitor CCM-1. Developed collaboratively by ARRI and SmallHD, the CCM-1 provides an alternative control, menu, and image interface to the MVF-2 viewfinder, which it can either replace entirely or work alongside.

The CCM-1 displays a bright, high-contrast HD image on its 7” IPS LCD screen that is easily viewable in daylight from a range of viewing angles. Like the tried and trusted MVF-2, it connects via the camera’s VF connector and provides an image that faithfully conveys the accuracy and subtlety of ARRI colour management. Sensor-level monitoring functions make use of the sensor’s full resolution, for example zooming into the image for more accurate focus checking. The false colour tool on the CCM-1 is much more user-friendly than on standard SDI-connected monitors because it affects only the image from the camera, and not the status overlays.

By using the camera’s VF connector, the CCM-1 leaves both SDI outputs free for other uses. VF cables of up to 10 m in length are supported, providing flexibility of operation for tight spaces, cranes, dollies, and car rigs. The CCM-1 can alternatively be connected via SDI like a normal onboard monitor, allowing application of ALF-2 and ALF-4 look files, full access to the SmallHD toolset, and use with third-party cameras. Multiple other connection options facilitate different camera configurations and use cases.

The flexible user interface of the CCM-1 is perfectly suited to professional environments. All functions are adjustable via the touchscreen or via buttons and a joystick that are positioned on one side of the monitor and can be operated with one hand, leaving the other hand free. The power and back buttons have unique tactile indicators that make them easy to find without looking, or with gloves on, while the dedicated menu button provides fast access to the familiar menu of the MVF-2. Four user buttons allow personalised settings, and a lock slider disables the touchscreen and all buttons, preventing accidental triggering of functions.

Interactive status overlays permit rapid adjustment of settings without interrupting the live view, and a new playback screen can be accessed through the menu or assigned to a user button. The large clip list on the playback screen includes metadata display and remains visible during playback, improving the user experience for smaller crews relying on the CCM-1 for reviewing takes. The specially designed home screen will be familiar to ARRI users, while the SmallHD PageOS user interface allows endless customisation of live view pages.

The CCM-1 comes with an innovative sun hood that snaps onto the monitor like a protective case on a smartphone, eliminating the need for Velcro or straps. With a scratch-resistant faux leather finish, the sun hood’s soft but rigid side and top flaps are held in place with magnets and can be folded flat for easy storage and safe transportation. Also included is the two-axis MAC-1 monitor arm for rapid positioning of the CCM-1 without affecting the horizon relative to the camera. The MAC-1 features an adjustable friction system for one-handed repositioning and inserts for different mounting standards.

Constructed from aluminium, the CCM-1 is durable, weather-sealed, and temperature-resistant, embodying ARRI’s reputation for rugged, set-ready equipment. Various mechanical interfaces using the new ARRI Pin-Lock standard allow flexible mounting options.

The CCM-1 is available to order now and will be supported in the upcoming Alexa 35 SUP 1.2 and Alexa Mini LF SUP 7.3 software update packages.

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