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Cirro Lite offers Air Lux inflatable lighting balloons

Jan 4, 2024

Cirro Lite has announced its latest offering in professional film lighting – the Air Lux. This cutting-edge range of inflatable light balloons is set to revolutionise the world of location lighting, offering a beautifully soft quality of light in a remarkably lightweight design that packs down into a convenient kit.

Illuminate Your Film Set with Brilliance: The Air Lux fixtures by Pheon Lux are not just lighting solutions; they are built with quality and efficiency at their core. With a soft, controllable light source and a remarkable spectrum, these inflatables bring a touch of magic to any film set. The robust control system, featuring Lumen Radio and App-based connectivity, ensures precise control over lighting, empowering filmmakers to create visually stunning scenes.

Exceptional Build Quality: Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, the Air Lux fixtures showcase a self-inflating mechanism and a solid control system. V-Loc battery inputs, seamlessly integrated onto the ballast, provide convenient power options. The fixtures also feature Lumen Radio and Bluetooth connectivity, supported by an optional app for ease of control.

Ease of Assembly on Set: Pheon Lux understands the fast-paced nature of film production. The Air Lux fixtures redefine convenience with their self-inflating feature, making assembly quick and simple. An integrated battery-powered fan ensures flexibility, with a mains fan included for added convenience on the film set.

Key Features of Air Lux:

  1. Fully Developed Colour Software: Pheon Lux’s Air Lux products transcend the ordinary, thanks to their fully developed colour software. Each fixture transforms the film set into a visual masterpiece, elevating the atmosphere, and creating a cinematic ambiance.
  2. V-Loc Battery Inputs: The built-in V-Loc battery inputs on the ballast offer hassle-free power solutions, providing filmmakers with the freedom to illuminate any film set without constraints.
  3. Soft Eggcrate Included: Enhance lighting control with the included soft eggcrate, ensuring a versatile and refined lighting experience in every kit.
  4. Lumen Radio and Bluetooth Connectivity: Enjoy seamless control with built-in Lumen Radio and Bluetooth connectivity, supported by an optional app for added convenience during film production.
  5. Self-Inflating: Assembly has never been easier, thanks to the integrated battery fan that ensures swift and simple setup. The mains fan included adds flexibility during the demanding film production process.
  6. Unmatched Value: Pheon Lux remains dedicated to providing premium professional film lighting at excellent value. The Air Lux range embodies this philosophy, offering filmmakers the best without compromise.

With the Air Lux, expect unparalleled quality, full RGBWW light, and exceptional build quality, all at competitive prices. This groundbreaking lighting solution is a must-have for lighting professionals, production companies, and rental companies alike.

To experience the Air Lux system firsthand, please contact Cirro Lite to schedule a demonstration. Discover how this cutting-edge technology can elevate your lighting needs.

About Cirro Lite: Cirro Lite is a renowned leader in lighting solutions, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology. With a strong focus on innovation and quality, Cirro Lite has been at the forefront of the lighting industry for over 30 years, delivering exceptional lighting solutions to customers worldwide.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Justinas Vabuolas, Sales Cirro Lite Phone: 0208 955 6700 Email: Website:

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