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Nanlux introduces 6 Pin Wired Controller

Jan 10, 2024

Introducing the Nanlux 6 Pin Wired Controller – an alternative cabled control solution for Evoke and Dyno series lighting fixtures.

Meticulously engineered by the Nanlux team, the controller compliments the existing physical, wired and wireless controls of the fixtures. It is useful when wireless communication is impractical due to environmental factors, or when the budget, time constraints and crew size do not allow for a wired connection from the light to a control board and operator.

The 6 Pin Wired Controller replicates the physical controls of the fixtures to allow easy remote operation up to 8m from the lamp head. With its 3.2 inch display and intuitive control interface users gain seamless control over high-output Nanlux lighting fixtures on set, ensuring a professional and efficient workflow.

Precision Control:
The 6 Pin Wired Controller boasts three strategically placed knobs and three buttons, providing users with a comprehensive range of control options. The left knob effortlessly adjusts brightness with 0.1% precision, while the right knob handles green/magenta values. Quick switches between zero and current brightness can be achieved with a simple short press on the left knob. The green/magenta value can be switched to zero by short pressing the right knob. The middle knob is dedicated to CCT adjustment, allowing users to dial in precise values or toggle among commonly used values with ease.

Intuitive Interface:
Featuring a clear 3.2-inch display screen, the controller ensures a straightforward and intuitive control experience identical to on-board controls. The user-friendly interface simplifies the adjustment process, making it accessible for both novice and experienced users.

Robust Connectivity:
Equipped with an 8M connection cable, the controller ensures flexible positioning on set. The cable features a 6-pin self-latching aviation connector on both ends, along with an additional USB connector. This innovative design combines the advantages of high-quality and safe information transmission, as well as a stable power supply, allowing users to tackle common on-set challenges such as rigging lighting fixtures at elevated heights. Experience unparalleled control and efficiency on set with the Nanlux 6 Pin Wired Controller – your trusted companion for achieving film and television-grade lighting perfection. Elevate your creative vision with Nanlux’s cutting-edge technology. *The Evoke 2400B supports both information transmission and power supply through the self-latching aviation connector alone, other lighting fixtures require the connection of both the self-latching aviation connector and the USB connector for power supply.

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