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Nanlite PavoSlim series brings creators a new generation of LED panel light

Nov 8, 2023

Nanlite is continually creating new innovations in LED lighting technology and has released a new generation of panel light sources – the PavoSlim Series.

There are four models in the lineup, the RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C, as well as the bi-colour PavoSlim 60B and 120B. All PavoSlim lights feature a slim and lightweight design with a separate control unit, fast and convenient installation, high luminance and accurate colour rendering. The PavoSlim panels combine slimness and ruggedness in a metal housing. Even with the PavoSlim accessories for mounting and a collapsible diffuser attached, it is still lighter than a traditional light mat, and thinner than comparable flexible panels with their mounting brackets attached.

This makes it perfect for small studios, low- ceiling locations, inside vehicles, or film and television sets with strict requirements. Another stand out feature of the PavoSlim is the dedicated optical system tailored to each individual LED chip. By combining efficient heat dissipation and excellent optical design the PavoSlims achieve 4 times the output when
compared to similar products. Every moment counts on set, so each element of the PavoSlim is designed for rapid deployment. There are multiple sockets on the back, a quick release plate and a strap designed for hanging on the control unit. All accessories are also designed with the same quick setup philosophy, enabling users to effortlessly complete installation of a PavoSlim within one minute. The bi-colour PavoSlim 60B and 120B are equipped with CCT and effect modes.

The RGBWW PavoSlim 60C and 120C provide these modes as well as additional HSI, RGBW and Gel modes. In HSI mode, the hue, saturation and intensity can be quickly adjusted to achieve any one of 36000 colours. In RGBW mode there are controls for four separate channels – red, green, blue and white, enabling greater colour precision. In Gel mode the 60C and 120C accurately reproduce the colours of 151 commonly used gels, conveniently eliminating the time, energy and expense of installing separate gels.

As a result, the 60C and 120C offer more options for emotional expression and ambience. Controlling a PavoSlim is straightforward. Two buttons, two knobs and a two-inch screen on the control unit give you full control of the fixture. Control via the Nanlink App is equally simple, connecting via the built-in 2.4G and Bluetooth modules. All PavoSlim lights also have wired DMX/RDM to allow integration with standard film and TV control systems, making the implementation of lighting effects simple. The PavoSlim 60C/120C are also equipped with LumenRadio CRMX, allowing wireless DMX/RDM reception. This allows the lights to connect efficiently with various other lighting fixtures on set, combining stability with flexibility.

The PavoSlim has multiple power supply options that all support full power output, making it excellent for both
indoor and outdoor scenarios. The PavoSlim 60B and 60C have the option to be powered by AC, V-mount or NP-F
batteries that attach directly to the control unit. And the PavoSlim 120B/120C can be powered by AC, DC or V- mount batteries. Besides, the hot swapping between the different power supply modes allows for ongoing shooting
without interrupting operation. Several optional accessories have also been developed exclusively for PavoSlim lights. A magnetic base adapter set attaches via 1/4″-20 to each corner of a PavoSlim, providing a fast and strong magnetic mounting option. Two PavoSlim panels of the same size can be attached together to form a larger source by using a PavoSlim dual-panel coupler kit. These are brackets that support both horizontal or vertical coupling through the use of sockets on the back of the fixture’s body. An extension cable 2.6m and two types of softboxes are also available. The included carrying case is solidly constructed following the now familiar Nanlite family design. A semi-soft
outside covers a rigid structure with internal space partitions that organise storage conveniently. The external
reinforced stitching ensures a more durable bag.

Nanlite constantly endeavour to bring innovation to lighting. 16 years of experience in LED light design and
development has allowed the company to create something truly unique this time with the PavoSlim series. By
combining the power of a panel light with the low weight and thinner dimensions of a mat style light, the PavoSlim
is a perfect solution for filmmakers, gaffers, DPs, camera operators, live streamers and creators everywhere.

PavoSlim Key Features:

• Available in 1×1’ and 2×1′ size options
• Bi-Color or RGBWW LED panel light with metal housing
• 4 times output amplified via optical lens compared to similar products;
• Wide CCT range: 2700K-6500K for PavoSlim 60B/120B, 2700K-7500K (GM±150) for PavoSlim 60C/120C;
• PavoSlim 60B/120B: CRI/TLCI average 95/97, TM-30 Rf/Rg average 95/102, SSI 3200K: 83/5600K:73;
• PavoSlim 60C/120C: CRI/TLCI average 96/97, TM-30 Rf/Rg average 94/100, SSI 3200K: 83/5600K:74;
• Comprehensive lighting modes for PavoSlim 60C/120C: CCT/HSI/RGBW/GEL/EFFECT;
• Intuitive operation with two buttons, two knobs, and two-inch screen;
• Multiple control methods: On-board, Remote Controller, DMX/RDM, Nanlink APP and LumenRadio CRMX
(*LumenRadio CRMX only for PavoSlim 60C/120C) • 12 effects for PavoSlim 60B/120B and 15 effects for PavoSlim 60C/120C with parameter adjustments;
• Multiple power supply options: AC/V-mount battery/NP-F battery for PavoSlim 60B/60C, AC/DC/V-mount battery
for PavoSlim 120B/120C; • Exclusively developed accessories: Magnetic Base Adapter with 1/4″-20 Thread Set, Dual-Panel Coupler Kit, DC connection cable, foldable and compressible softbox


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