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Nanlite Forza 720/720B spotlights make their debut

Mar 30, 2022

Nanlite has announced its Forza 720/720B spotlights, featuring enhanced intensity, optimised design and improved build quality.

The accumulated efforts over the past three years have resulted in Nanlite’s spotlight ecosystem. The Forza 720 and Forza 720B have been launched at the same time and with their addition, the Forza family will provide industry standard lighting for professional production.

Forza 720 and 720B are the brightest Nanlite spotlights ever. They both offer luminance at a remarkable level, with Forza 720B also incorporating a Bi-colour feature on top. It features an expanded bi-colour range of 2700K-6500K while still being able to maintain a highly efficient light output. With high colour rendition scores of CRI 95/TLCI 96 for Forza 720 and CRI average 96/TLCI average 97 for Forza 720B, the new products  can reproduce colour very accurately to bring out the true colours in an image. Two output modes have been built in the system of Forza 720B. Output is always maximised for the selected CCT to unleash the power of the fixture in Maximum Output mode, while in Constant Output mode the luminance level remains uniform when adjusting the CCT.

Workflow efficiency on set can be greatly improved by accomplishing CCT adjustment under stable light ratio. Forza 720 and 720B come with a standard Bowens mount, making them compatible with Nanlite’s comprehensive line of light modifiers and products from third party manufacturers. The advanced yoke also features an umbrella mount for more light-shaping options. Further evolved from the sturdy form factor design on old Forzas, Forza 720 & 720B provide overall protection for both the lamp head and the control box through a rugged metal framework. Aimed at creating a stable and reliable working environment, a protruded antenna booster has been integrated into the control box to make Bluetooth/2.4G more reliable. A quick release clamp can fix the control unit tight on the light stand and support quick-release mechanism. In addition, Forza 720 & 720B are ideal choices for outdoor and mobile shooting with their dual power supply solution of both AC&DC and a sophisticated power management system. They perform outstandingly well for outputting power when running off battery.

The ultra-quiet cooling system of Forza 720 & 720B optimised for audio collection on set, can limit fan noise at a controllable level at full power. Users can fully focus on creating desired their lighting effects hassle-free, or choose to turn off the fan via the on-board control/Nanlink APP to accomplish zero decibel level for special productions that require absolute silence. As to control and communication, Forza 720/720B feature continuous dimming from 0-100% in 0.1 increments, ensuring smoothness in light control. Stable connection with Nanlink APP is assured with dual built-in modules of 2.4G and Bluetooth. DMX/RDM functionality can also offer digital solutions for audiovisual production.

Nanlite managing director Nancy Zheng comments: “I am very glad and excited to see that the Forza lineup has grown bigger and much more powerful, we also hope the same for Nanlite family, with more and more users choosing Forzas for their production.”

Forza 720 & 720B Key Features:

• Outstanding luminance level, 800W AC Power Draw
• Wide CCT range of 2700-7500K for Forza 720B
• High colour rendition scores: CRI 95, TLCI 96 for Forza 720 , average CRI of 96, average TLCI of 97 for Forza 720B
• Two output modes of Maximum Output mode and Constant Output mode for Forza 720B
• Bowens mount fixtures with expanded choices of light shaping tools
• Curved yoke with 360°rotation, provide expanded angles for tilting down
• Quick release clamp and plate, greatly improves attaching to light stands and other objects
• Control easily accessible with separate design for lighting fixture and control unit
• Dual power supply solutions with longer connection cable and advanced power management system
• Comprehensive control methods, including on-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, Nanlink APP, DMX/RDM

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