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Nanlite announces FZPJBM projection attachment with Bowens Mount

Apr 1, 2022

Nanlite has announced the FZPJBM projection attachment in both the 19°and 36° versions that are compatible with the Bowens ‘S’ Type mount, making the fixture compatible with the Forza 200, Forza 300/300B, Forza 500, FS-150, FS-200 and FS-300. 

With a refined optical coated system, and improved transmittance and CCT accuracy, which is crafted to minimise colour fringing around the edge of the illumination circle, excellent light quality is accomplished to satisfy the users pursuit of pinpoint accuracy in an image, resulting in 94% uniformity, 0.5% distortion and 95% accuracy.

Features include a special extinction treatment on the inner wall that makes the image more homogeneous and the edge of illumination circle sharper. And an aspherical lens which has been designed to eliminate aberration effectively with increased uniformity and reduce distortion.

With an aluminium alloy die-cast metal body, FZPJBM strikes the balance between durability and weight. Its sturdy build and quality materials gives users peace of mind in creation.

In a combination of stability and flexibility the FZPJBM utilises a brand-new yoke where the concept of the design aims at offering unshakeable sturdiness, while achieving a high angel of lighting downwards that meets the requirements for close range lighting set-ups at high angles. Able to also offer both 5/8” baby mount, and 1-1/8” Junior Pin allows for the FZPJBM to be mounted on many different types of lighting stands.

The FZPJBM projection attachment, and all its accompanying accessories are well packed inside a consolidated flight case providing safe transportation, with a choice of either 19°or 36° lens options to suit the users required illumination circle, while achieving maximum lighting output.

Also in the kit is a set of four ‘B’ sized GOBO’s to create complex light patterns and adding texture to backgrounds and layers to images, as well as a ‘Gel’ frame that can be added easily and firmly to the front in order to correct colour casts.

The ‘optional’ FZPJBMAI adjustable Iris provides easy control over the size of the illumination circle via a convenient focussing mechanism, which allows for controlling the light with creative freedom.

What’s in the Box- 

  • Projection attachment without lens
  • A choice of either 19°or 36° lens for Bowens Mount projection attachment kit options
  • Protective rubber cap
  • B sized GOBO x 4
  • GOBO frame
  • Gel frame
  • Flight case
  • User manual

Nanlite FZPJBM key features:

  • Beam Angle: 19°or 36° dependant of lens choice selected with kit
  • Compatible Nanlite Product: Forza 200, 300, 300B, 500 and FS series 150, 200, 300
  • Product Size: 399 X 267 X 441mm / 15.71 X 10.51 X 17.36”
  • Product Weight: Without Lens: 4.2Kg / 9.26Lbs
  • Lens Weight: 19° Lens: 3.8Kg / 8.38Lbs   36° Lens: 3.1Kg / 6.83Lbs
  • Iris Diaphragm: Size 170 X 102 X 8mm / 6.69 X 4.02 X 0.31”  
  • Weight: 0.14Kg / 0.31Lbs.
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