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NAB Show New York launches workshop focused on personal growth and career development

Aug 10, 2023

New full-day training session designed to power your career by empowering yourself        

NAB Show New York is thrilled to announce SkillUP: (EM)Power Your Career an explosive and transformative conference that delves deep into personal growth and career development. Led by renowned industry expert Evan Shapiro, this groundbreaking workshop is designed to propel attendees’ careers to new heights amidst the challenges of the dynamic media landscape.

In the fast-paced and unpredictable broadcast, media, and entertainment industries, it’s crucial to have the right skills to thrive. The full-day workshop is dedicated to sharpening individuals’ soft skills and providing actionable insights to create a sustainable and fulfilling career by discovering and leveraging attendees’ innate superpowers. Amidst uncertainties and layoffs in the media community, SkillUP will teach how to pivot into new opportunities and transform careers into thriving businesses.

SkillUP Objectives 

  • Discovering True Priorities
  • Investing in Self-Growth
  • Building Your Personal Brand
  • Creating a Career Flywheel

The workshop will be an immersive experience, blending presentations, interactive exercises and insightful interviews with industry leaders. Shapiro will lead the morning session, setting the framework for the day and guiding participants through exercises that clarify priorities and identify their unique superpowers.

The afternoon session will feature special guest speakers, including Smriti Sharma, intrapreneur at Publishers Clearing House, who will share insights and product expertise, and Tim Duffy, MyWorldChef founder and trained mindfulness coach, who will conduct a group mindfulness exercise. Additionally, there will be opportunities for networking and exploring new sectors of the media industry that hold potential for growth.

Key Workshop Details 

  • Event: SkillUP: (EM)Power Your Career
  • Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2023
  • Time: 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • Location: Javits Center, New York City

“Evan Shapiro’s expertise and passion for empowering individuals in the media industry align perfectly with NAB Show New York’s mission to provide practical skills and insights to our attendees,” said Chris Brown, executive vice president and managing director, NAB Global Connections and Events. “SkillUP promises to offer participants the roadmap and tools they need to transform their careers.”

“The main purpose of the workshop is to offer empowerment to those who participate and to give them singular purpose and focus in the face of the career chaos many face now,” said Shapiro. “It is designed to demonstrate to everyone that they are not alone. NAB Show New York stands out from other media conferences by offering an investment in the individual.”

SkillUP is open to anyone in the media industry, from early-stage to late-career professionals, including freelancers, employees, executives and transitioning professionals. The advanced rate pricing for the full-day workshop is $699 (includes lunch). NAB Members, government employees and students receive a $100 discount. The price will increase October 11.

Limited spots are available, and early registration is encouraged. Secure your spot by registering here.

Many in media know Evan Shapiro as the official, unofficial cartographer of the media universe. Using his specific point of view, Shapiro has mapped the tech and entertainment ecosystem, and through his essays, helps chart media’s future. Shapiro uses these insights to power his change agency, ESHAP, which offers partners and consumers media insight as a service. He is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning producer of film, TV and podcasts. He is a professor of Media Studies at New York University and Fordham University schools of business and co-hosts a podcast called Cancel Culture. Shapiro has been lecturing on career development, and coaching executives and creatives for more than a decade, and brings a wealth of practical experience to this event.

Shapiro is also doing a video series on NAB Amplify as a preview to SkillUP. Evan Shapiro Amplified will focus on turbocharging your creative career. Catch the conversations before and after the Show here starting August 8.

NAB Show New York news media registration is available here.

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