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MRMC debuts Cinebot Max Camera Robot at NAB 2024

Apr 9, 2024

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company announces Cinebot Max, the latest addition to its successful Cinebot range of camera robots. The Cinebot Max will be showcased and demonstrated at NAB2024 in the central Lobby L2.The Cinebot Max builds upon the Cinebot Mini’s capabilities with increased payload, reach, and range of motion. It has a maximum camera weight capacity of 20kg (44 lb), a camera height of 3.2m (10.5 ft), and a 1.75m (5.7 ft) reach. The compact unit can be quickly assembled and operates on battery power, making it easy to transport and enabling portability. It is slim and lightweight and ideal for shooting in tight locations that are difficult to reach. It has a large operating envelope for such a compact lightweight solution.

As with all MRMC solutions, the Cinebot Max has been designed with simplicity in mind, offering filmmakers and content creators precise and smooth control over camera movements and fluid tracking shots. The Cinebot Max uses the same track as the Cinebot Mini, so it can be added as an additional robot for Cinebot Mini users who want to add more range of motion. 

Cinebot Max also incorporates the revolutionary Push Moco control, an interface allowing operators to keyframe camera movements in a motion control setup manually. This process gives operators hands-on control over the creation of camera moves, allowing for fine-tuned and precise adjustments and expanding creative possibilities. This feature makes creating custom motion control simple, enabling repeatable pre-programmed camera moves to support complex sequences. Alongside push moco control is directed through MRMC’s Flair Software or the MRMC tracker app.  

The Cinebot Max provides cinematographers, grips, and camera operators with a full arsenal of motion control capabilities and accommodates a wide range of cameras and existing grip equipment. It is built for various shooting scenarios, from independent, low- or big-budget productions, to studio setups, and outdoor or on-location environments. Both the Cinebot Max and the Cinebot Mini can be integrated with visual effects (VFX) and computer-generated imagery (CGI) pipelines, allowing for seamless integration of live-action footage with digital effects. It also allows for more creative freedom, empowering operators to explore new techniques.

“At MRMC we’re focused on enhancing the workflow and innovating the right toolkit for creative teams to achieve their on-set goals,” said Assaff Rawner, MRMC CEO. “The Cinebot Max complements our popular Cinebot Mini and this range strives to make Motion Control simpler and more accessible. Operators can achieve consistent, dynamic, and precise camera movements, enhancing the visual storytelling process.”

NAB 2024 attendees can see the new Cinebot Max at booth L2 in the central lobby.

Watch the Cinebot MAX video here

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