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Molinare announce launch of new production services department

May 21, 2021

Helmed by new head creative Darren Rae, Molinare’s production services will kick off with a Digital Dailies division, ‘Moli Dailies’, and a suite of secure solutions for remote working, media streaming and media storage. The Molinare Production Services department will be based at their Soho HQ but will also have global reach.

Darren Rae’s new department, supported by operations manager of production services, Patrick Barry, will focus on making Molinare a leading production services facility in central London, offering bespoke end to end solutions for all productions.

Moli Dailies will provide inhouse, near set and on-location dailies facilities for UK and international productions, offering dailies grading, 4K screening services, transcoding for editorial, dailies review and VFX pulls which will include automated services with SAN & LTO archiving.

Molinare have rejuvenated their post-production in house services to keep remote working a secure & flexible alternative to meet the new style of working that covid-19 has demanded of the Film & TV industry. These services, tailor made by the team in house at Molinare, have been successfully implemented to create efficient and effective remote workflow solutions. These services will enable local, national and global productions to have ease of access to key creative and technical inhouse resources.

 These services include:

  • ‘MoliStream’ is a dual use product that supports the streaming of media to remote locations. ‘MoliStream’ combines ‘MoliStream-Offline’ and ‘MoliStream- HQ’. Both products allow a source feed of video and audio from within Molinare’s facilities to be securely viewed remotely on computers and mobile devices.
  • ‘MoliRemote’ is a multi-function tool to support remote working. These tools allow a remote user to securely take control of equipment physically located inside Molinare’s facilities from home or another remote location.
  • ‘MoliSync’ is designed for when bandwidth restrictions exist or where creatives want to use their own equipment when ‘MoliRemote’ or ‘MoliStream’ may not be suitable.
  • ‘MoliVault’ elegantly solves the problem for clients who want to be able to store large amounts of media/data for extended periods of time without wanting to bear the cost of occupying high speed disk. Using intelligent tiered storage solutions all media remains stored in Molinare’s facility and not in the cloud.


All of the remote solutions will complement one another and support both the existing, industry leading Post-Production side of Molinare as well as the latest Production Services division. 

Rae’s appointment reunites him with Nigel Bennett – Molinare CEO and Darren Woolfson – director of technology and visual services who all previously worked together at Pinewood Digital. 

During their tenure at Pinewood they worked with productions such as The One & Only Ivan, Devs, Dumbo, Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker, Pokémon Detective Pikachu, Mission Impossible: Fallout, Solo – A Star Wars Story, Rogue One – A Star Wars Story.


Patrick Barry comments: ‘‘Creating the Production Services division with Darren Rae means we can cultivate a robust and forward-looking team that can integrate with Molinare’s established post-production expertise and provide creative and technical continuity for our returning, and future, clients.”

Darren Woolfson, director of technology and visual services comments: “I am so excited to be working with Darren Rae and Patrick Barry again. We have the opportunity to build on our previous experience together to develop Molinare’s Production Services division with a strong focus on innovation. I believe we will be able to offer a unique service delivering to our client’s current and future needs.”

Darren Rae comments: “I’m extremely pleased to arrive at Molinare and launch our new Production Services department. I’m bringing my years of experience in the industry to develop and drive Molinare Production Services into new creative and technical territories.”

“I will be introducing new and current clients to all the tools and technologies that the new Production Service department can offer their production. Molinare can now manage your entire post – production needs from the first test shots to your final deliverables.”


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