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Miller Tripods Provides LA-based Rental House With Variety of Equipment Options for Filmmakers

Jun 24, 2024

DeHaven Camera is a boutique rental house in Los Angeles that offers a broad range of equipment to upcoming filmmakers. Eric DeHaven, co-owner of DeHaven Camera and 35-year veteran in the industry, needed just the right products to fit his mission and came across Miller Tripods CiNX 5 and CiNX 8 Fluid Heads.

“When I looked at what Miller was doing; I was impressed,” says DeHaven. “The bigger tripods provide a lot of stability, and the smaller ones have the same built quality but are lightweight. Also, the sticks are very strong and work well. From a flexibility standpoint, the switchable base has been really great, not only for us but our customers.”

As someone who has worked in the film industry for some time, DeHaven recognises the importance of creating products with an understanding of what filmmakers need. He found Miller Tripods to be a company he could trust to do just that. “Miller is mindful of what the cinema industry requires when designing all their gear,” says DeHaven. “The CinX line of fluid heads are purpose-built specifically for cinema; they are not broadcast products that can also be used for cinema – and that is seen in the products’ design and build. The fact that all of their tripods work with an interchangeable base, standard dovetail compatibility and their inclusion of anti-rotation mounts really shows that they were thinking of our industry because now we can have one head that can be used for various projects and customer specs.”

“A great deal of market research and customer feedback went into the design of the CiNX range to ensure we meet cinematographers’ needs,” adds Bob Van Bodegon, President of the America’s at Miller Camera Support. “We are happy with the result and final product.”

A key aspect when looking for equipment to rent out to filmmakers is the cost of the product. DeHaven needed to have a range of inventory that allowed newcomers to create their projects with affordable, quality gear. “From a cost standpoint, it is a big deal,” shares DeHaven. “Miller understands the importance of getting product into the hands of filmmakers and watching the brand grow from there. Also, cinema cameras have progressively become smaller in size, so the smaller fluid heads, like the CiNX 5 and 7, are in higher demand.”

DeHaven has a mission to work with companies that not only sell good products but have good people behind the scenes, which translates to good customer service and parts/repairs, if needed.  “Working with the staff at Miller has been such a pleasure,” shares DeHaven. “When I work with brands, I’m looking at who are the people behind them, not just at the product and that allows us to make and tell great stories. It’s evident by companies like Miller, where they listen to the filmmakers and work with us to make great products for film.”

DeHaven Camera is an independent family-owned business that has been providing quality cinema rentals for the film industry since 2014. With a team of knowledgeable staff with over 30 years of experience in the film industry, the company focuses on independent work such as commercials, music videos, low to micro-budget feature films and student films. DeHaven also holds workshops and educational events to help those looking to learn and grow within the film industry.

All CiNX models employ the Miller “Right Feel” smooth start and soft stop technology and well-balanced diagonal drag transitions and consistent drag resistance over a wide range of temperatures. The CiNX range consists of the CiNX 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 20, 23 and 25. Designed to be high-quality, the line presents the best features for optimum results and a price that even new entrants can afford.

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