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Mental health awareness workshop for HoDs in Animation and Children’s TV

Jul 22, 2021

The challenges of remote working, post Covid-19 anxiety and fear, post-traumatic stress, demanding work schedules, adapting to new filming/working practices, and social distancing will have a large impact on mental health.

This workshop was designed by Sarah McCaffrey  who has combined her experience of working in film and media and as a qualified psychotherapist (MBACP) to create Solas Mind; offering mental health advice and support to the industry.

The session will increase the awareness and understanding around mental health and will help managers to recognise the signs and offer support to people suffering from mental distress in the workplace and in the community.

These sessions are supported by the ScreenSkills Animation and Children’s TV Skills Fund with contributions from UK productions.

Date 11 Aug 2021, 12:00-13:00
Location Online
Price Free
Application deadline 1 Aug 2021

Who it’s for

This 1 hour session is aimed at heads of department working in animated series or features, or on scripted and unscripted children’s TV productions.

What it covers

The workshop outline will be:

  • what is mental health
  • what influences mental health
  • recognising the signs
  • listening and supporting
  • tips for creating a supportive environment
  • Q and A

The workshop goals will be:

  • increased knowledge and empathy in relation to mental health and wellbeing
  • ability to identify the key signs and offer support
  • greater confidence in dealing with mental health issues
  • remove stigma and reduce discrimination
  • awareness and understanding of how to support and improve mental health in the workplace

This session will take place online via Zoom. Click ‘apply for ticket’ and follow the instructions to apply for your place: you must login or register before you are able to complete your application.

If you are no longer able to use your ticket, we ask you to please contact so that we can release your place. Our sessions are often oversubscribed, so we’d like to give others the opportunity to fill available spots. Thank you for your consideration.


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