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Matthews’ New Gobo Plate Media Mount

Dec 11, 2020

Matthews Studio Equipment Inc. has expanded its Gobo Plate line with an affordable on-set grip tool making it easy for anyone to use. The new Gobo Plate Media Mount is designed to rapidly and safely mount monitors onto C-stands using standard 2.5” drip heads. With typical Matthews understanding of the industry, the simplicity of the Gobo Plate Media Mount system offers speed and flexibility amongst the ever-changing nature of on-set work, allowing monitors to be mounted wherever necessary and easily adjusted whenever necessary. 

75/100mm Plate Mount

Key features include: mounting to 75mm and 100mm VESA hole patterns; a T-slot with V centering to quickly secure 2.5” grip head mounting; tethered and removable locking pin that secures the mount in the open and closed positions; plus multiple spaced circular cutouts that allow bolting to cheese plate, lumber, beams, set walls, or rod pass throughs.

The low-profile design of the product folds down flat to remain on the monitor for the next location, and a safety cable hole in the back of the plate provides added security for hanging monitors overhead. 

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