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Marlow Film Studios set to be new tier 1 facility

May 20, 2022

Less than 30 miles from the centre of London and 10 miles from Pinewood, Marlow Film Studios is set to be a new tier 1 facility, offering an unparalleled quality of working space for film makers. Elevating the ‘behind the camera’ experience to a new level, this will be a uniquely attractive production base in the UK.

The 18 stages and a wealth of ancillary facilities will enable British tentpoles to be produced and serviced in optimal conditions. Marlow Film Studios will have the capacity to take three of the UK’s largest features across the year, or alternatively house four high budget TV productions for multiple seasons back to back.

With a focus on crafts and trades, a ‘critical mass’ of production will enable crew who work on-site to enjoy all the things planned scale delivers. Clustered round a first-class stage line-up, the purpose designed workshops and flexible double-height lofts will offer a more campus-like and environment for both function and convenience. Active supporting trades will be on lot, together with training, hospitality and crew support to the highest modern standards.

On the edge of the delightful town of Marlow and well-served by transport infrastructure for the crew base, the site is close to other significant film assets to the West of London. The design and location sets a new benchmark for production facilities, and is crafted for a much easier and more sympathetic working life on and off set.

Planning permission is scheduled to be determined by the end of 2022. Details can be found at 

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