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I hope you are keeping well and in good cheer. Welcome to our first, and unmissably-bumper, edition of Cinematography World.

It is our mission to be diverse and inclusive. To help you be the very best you can be, in whatever role you have, in the community of people who tell stories through moving images.

So please sign-up. Please feel free to get in touch. Please keep sending us your news and let us know about the interesting, exciting and innovative projects you are working on, that you hold dear to your heart.

Long live cinematography, and the arts and crafts behind the camera!

The art and craft behind the camera

A Fresh Voice

ron prince

The art of cinematography is my life’s work, and I have been busy with my superb team focussing on this new and exciting adventure – in print, digital and online. I am thankful for their help, and to our incredible supporters worldwide, who have given us the courage to make it all a reality. We are truly thankful.

Ron Prince
Editor, Cinematography World

Issue #001 cover feature


wonder woman 1984

Matthew Jensen ASC Wonder Woman 1984

At the close of 2020 – a twelve-month period devoid of a major superhero to save the earth from absolute calamity, never mind the cinema-going experience – one comic-book blockbuster made it to the large screen, and thereby rescued the year from being remembered as one of complete and utter gloom.

In This Issue:


LA Story

Earning your stripes as a cinematographer can be hard enough. But the prospect of shooting your first movie, the biographical drama Mank, with a Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning director, about one of the greatest films of all time, starring some of the best actors working today, and capturing it all in HDR B&W, would seem perfectly daunting.

news of the world

Read All About It

Whilst director Paul Greengrass addresses themes about personal discovery, belonging, the power of fake news and propaganda, in News Of The World, he has also, together with renowned cinematographer Dariusz Wolski ASC, fashioned a winning combination of heartfelt performances, meticulous period recreation, tense shoot-outs, dramatic dust- storms, shadowy interiors and sweeping vistas.

God’s Best Light

Universally-admired as a sublime contemporary Western, and a hauntingly-beautiful character study, director Chloé Zhao’s remarkable, hybrid, docu-fiction drama, Nomadland, follows Fern, a woman who has lost pretty much everything – including her house and her husband – during the Great Recession of 2008.

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The Industry Lens

Our monthly round-up from over the water

Student Union

This issue we look at the National Film & Television School

View From The Top

Ben Roberts, Chief Executive of the BFI, reflects on the past year and looks forward to a brighter future.

Colour & Post

Who is working on what.

The Light Stuff

A profile of gaffer Billy O’Leary and his career